:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


:saints: v :cardiffcityfc:

  • @BTripz isn’t going, expect a Sunderlandesque result in :saints: favour
  • :saints: huff and puff, take the lead but then concede a last (10) minute equaliser
  • :cardiffcityfc: evoke the memory of Sala and put :saints: to the same sword that they hamstrung :bournemouthfc: with
  • :cardiffcityfc: defend, defend, defend then get a fluky last (10) minute winner
  • bore draw
  • :saints: take the lead and manage to hold on for a narrow victory
  • :saints: manage to score 2+ more than :cardiffcityfc:

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You’ve got to love the Club … got an email from them to say that, as an official member, I was able to buy tickets for Cardiff. Happy days especially as the junior members tickets were £1. Signed us both up in the usual seats in block 4 but the ticket app charged me £26 for Tyke. Contacted the Club and apparently it’s only for junior seats in the wings or family areas. :roll_eyes:


They probably knew he was flushed with cash having won the World Cup Sweepstake.


4-1 Saints



Burnley already forgotten

Must win game

2:1 Saints


1-2 Cardiff, I just can’t see how the players can keep playing the way they can all the time, the manager is squeezing all he can out of them and they all play for him but I can’t see how that can continue relentlessly, we looked until the fuck up today compact and with a game plan but this was a against a wank team now Cardiff aren’t any better but we can’t keep playing that well in sense of game plans and shape all the time.
The forwards oh don’t get me started.


Welcome back @Barry-Sanchez, the site was strangely quiet without you today…


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1st trip to SMS for over 2 years thanks to TV changes. Last win i saw live was Arnhem, every game since was dire & freezing.
Friday is Mum’s funeral, Saturday night my brothers band The Zucchinis are playing at Salisbury rugby club for a friends birthday party, Mrs D_P has never seen them she’s in for a treat.
I hopefully may meet up with some of you lot as well.

Which all points to an utterly fvcked up emotional roller coaster of a weekend and a must win game
Stephens go win it with a mazy dribble out of defence abd a 40 yard screamer in the 94th minute.
Karma will be restored


Stephens can’t play for sure, get rid of Heodt and in comes another shite player who should be nowhere near the premiership.


He was excellent at the end of last season and (penalty aside) has been pretty good recently.
To say he can’t play is simply wrong. He is good on the ball and has significantly improved in the air.


When I was 18 I had a hardon every half an hour doesn’t mean I can do that now, he’s poor, he was bad against palace and now this?
Shouldn’t be near the first team.


To be fair, Bazz, you’ve said pretty much this about all our players at some point or other. (Except the bit about Stephens giving you 18 hard-ons).

I particularly remember you saying worse about JWP and Redmond.

Both of those players are making themselves invaluable to Hutch at the moment.


Pretty sure Maya will drop straight in or Stephens anyway.

How come no comments about how rubbish Mybedisawreck or Thor were yesterday?
But in balance, JWP didn’t have one of his best games yesterday and if Shlong had kept the bloody ball like a striker should Stephens wouldn’t have been in that situation


Redmond has come on as he had to and now he is our only talented outlet, he is bound to look good, that said he has improved.
JWP is playing well at the moment but once again compared to what him before or the Saints players around him?


I don’t know what this means :lou_sad:


It means all the good has been flogged so he is going to look better and his performances couldn’t really get any worse.


Having not seen the game I feel perfectly placed to give my expert opinion.

Positives: What a goal by Redmond! We move the ball much more quickly and directly and this plays to his strengths so much better, plus he is never injured, Redderz will be very important for us in the last 3rd of the season. Another point from a tough away fixture, that’s 8 points from the last 4 away games (I am excluding the Cardiff game as it doesn’t fit my narrative). Most importantly we are well on track to get the 12-14 points I predicted from our Jan-Feb fixtures, after all being right is more important than anything else.

Negatives: Gutting to lose 2 points in injury time but was probs a fair result in the grand scheme of things, but it does mean we are less likely to go over my high end prediction of 14 points for our Jan-Feb fixtures, I mean fucking hell if we got 15 or 16 points and I ended up being wrong I would be fuming.


What did you think of Redmond’s goal?


Do you think you’re given to knee-jerk reactions, Bazza?

So that’s a selection of your comments on Redmond - a player that we have all had a go at but we all wondered if he simply needed direction and to find his position under a coach that trusts him.

I’d have loved to see your comments if we’d sold him in January.

Presumably, you’d be pleased that we got anything for him.


If you want to look at your history of comments of other players, simply press the search icon at the top and type in

@barry-sanchez [player name] allegro whopper shite cunt.

This comment from today, set against that bile above, surely shows you that you might need to wait a while to see if your knee-jerkers are going to be pearlers or pants.

Perhaps your comments on Stephens in a year’s time might be different from today?