Monkey Tennis

A place for people to post non-serious, banter-y type threads.

Reasonably serious discussion

Politics and world events.   Mostly for serious discussion, but serious allowances made for topical humour.

Southampton Football Club

Main category for all things saints.

Music and gigs

Bands, albums and gigs go here.

The Arts

TV, film, music, gigs.   It's all here


What TV shows are you watching, would recommend?


The world of film

Food and drink

Food, drink, bung it in here.

Meta - announcements, help, FAQs, etc.

This category is used by the mods and admins to announce site-related stuff and to interact with members on site-related issues.


We get about.   We write about it here.

The Gallery

Yes, yes, I know we post all photos all over the shop, but this is a special sub-forum for our more visual members to show their wares.

Matchday drinking club

The number one rule of Matchday drinking club is to go to matches.  Number two is drinking.

The Sotonians position on..

We're a new forum.    This sub-forum is intended to hold threads setting out the Sotonians position on various matters, or at least give an idea of what individual posters think.   


The world of literature.

Other sport

Anything sporty, but not Saints, goes in here.


Computer games, tech stuff and all things geek.

Computer and video games

Discussion of computer and video games, systems, old and new.


Tablets, phones, computers and other non-gamey types of geekery

Worst ever

The "Sotonians position on..." category in which we discuss the worst ever shit.


For those interested in the past.

Best ever

The "Sotonians position on..." sub-forum in which we discuss the best ever shit.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.