:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


And in that time we’ve gambled on whether he is adequate we’re relegated, good job, well done.


Well, that’s a balanced response to the post from bletch :lou_facepalm_2:


Fair and reasonable, we’ve gambled on our status, saved £200,00 a week on wages (where has that money gone) and not spent on anything to try and help us stay in the League, do you think our manager is happy with that? All the other teams have tried to strengthen, we’ve fucking sold players!



I’m just going to wait a year before I read any posts of yours.

You’ll just change your mind just like you’ve done over Redmond.

Stephens will be your golden boy by 2020 and you’ll be swallowing Gao-gism by 2021.


Barry Oscillate more like.

PS I’ll read your quoted post on 3rd Feb 2020. I’ve made a note in my diary.



You said we were relegated last year and the year before that, I take some comfort in that you have form for being wrong on this subject. One day you will very likely be right, but so will those people that every year say the world is going to end.


Did they and do you know we didn’t try?

Which is exactly what the manager stated he wanted.

He stated only players that were a 100% and it would be difficult now, but we’d try. He also said that we’d wait till the summer if nothing can be done. Which makes that statement bollocks unless you know something you should share(that doesn’t include make believe stuff).


I haven’t changed my mind over Redmond at all, where have I said that? He’s the best offensive player we have which says little.

Southampton FC = Low aspiration.


Redmond never gets injured :lou_facepalm_2:

In the face of all the other shot on this thread, a Saints fan just had to go and say that on a forum.

Fvcking great. Josh Sims it is for t he rest of the season then.

Oh and Beltch? Way too much time on your hands dude :sunglasses:
But spent Sooooooo well.


We had from August to look for relevant players and we as a club will surely always be looking as players as its fluid, we didn’t want to buy players is the reason, or buy players for the price so we gambled, nothing more nothing less.


I spit in the face of fate :lou_sunglasses:


Evidence for this?
Or just how you choose to see it. Do you believe the club were discussing future targets with Ralph in August, because it would be difficult to know his preferences otherwise.


So now Bazza is advocating that we should have been signing all the players that Les Read was looking at and LONG before we had a new manager who may play a different style and need different skill sets in his squad.




Well, Barry Oscillate, let’s take a look at just one of your comments from above.

That’s pretty unequivocal.

Here you’re clearly saying that Redmond is nothing but shite. (he isn’t anything other than shite).

Again, you’re wonderfully clear here too.

Here you’re saying that he’s improved and is our only talented outlet.

So in January 2017 Redmond was nothing but shite and yesterday he was a talented outlet.

That, Barry Oscillate, right there, is where you’ve changed your mind on Redmond.

How long before Barry Oscillate gulps gallons of Gao gism?

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Borrowed from @Dubai_Phil on the Burnely thread…


So who here can still get a hardon every 30 minutes?


I think he just wanted us to corner the over 30s market. If you buy enough of them, the constant injuries aren’t a problem and no one trys to buy them, so a win win situation.


What’s the deal with Gunn? I though RH was giving him some game time but it seems to be McCarthy all the way now (& Gunn looked to be a better bet than McC - imho)


With the right tablets…


I think MC Car Thief has looked poor on crosses lately. Watson seems to be turning him into another Forster.


Cant be bothered to find it, but Baz the ultimate genius on Saints said that Ralph H had to sign better players to keep us up, as we had no chance of the current players improving.

Quite apart from his past crucifying of Redders, JWP, PEH. :thinking: