🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


Stop doing your 9 hour days @pap and you’ll have time to be political on here too…

Hadn’t noticed that you’d slackened off tbf…



Thanks for the downvotes on the thread that was locked over a week ago, @hypochondriac .

Have a “fuck off you sad cunt” in return.

Hugs x


I’m confused, are downvotes a genuine way to gauge public opinion on your posts and therefore an excellent way for us to self-govern or… as I suspected, for sad cunts?


Don’t get touchy btw Pap - no time for beef. It was a genuine question.


I just like the mental image of @hypochondriac sitting over his keyboard, manfully saying “Grr” each time he hits the downvote button.

This is the Beef Thread, btw, @tokyo-saint - one can be as antagonistic as one likes, although one chooses not to in this particular post.


But time is not only linear, it is also limited and I don’t have much for beef. That might make me chicken or goose but I’ll have to live with it for now.

So, you called hypo a cunt because of a mental image you had?


No, the mental image is just a bonus.

He is a sad cunt. You don’t need a mental image for that. A screenshot will do.

What a full life @hypochondriac must lead :lou_wink_2:


We can’t all be Mandella and universally loved. Someone has to take the Trump roll.


@hypochondriac upvoted you in Should the rich pay for your kid’s free lunch? 3 hours ago


@hypochondriac upvoted you in Should the rich pay for your kid’s free lunch? 3 hours ago


@hypochondriac upvoted you in Should the rich pay for your kid’s free lunch? 3 hours ago


@hypochondriac upvoted you in Should the rich pay for your kid’s free lunch? 3 hours ago


@hypochondriac upvoted you in Should your kids get a free lunch from a for example rich kid? - Off topic thread. 4 hours ago


That’s great news, Tokyo. I congratulate you warmly on your new fan.



It seems that you’re endorsing the humorous use of the pejoratives ‘spastic’ and ‘mentalist’ by posting this link, Pap.


Alan Partridge said it, not me.*

* Fuck it, if it’s good enough for Steve Coogan


Message for hypo (or should I call you Sweetcorn? :lou_sunglasses:) - instead of sitting on the sidelines and downvoting me in my battle with Mr Sanchez, why dont you actually joing the debate? It is unlike you not to have anything to say.


Ok Cherts, let’s do this! I am happy to wait until you return from holiday though. No one should be bickering on the internet when on their hols.

So to start, it is a thread dedictaed to the Grenfell fire and that it what I was talking about. Why should I have to make another thread just because you dont like what I am saying? It is the right place to discuss all of the issues of the tragedy.

You claim my comments are ill-informed but dont say what they are. Tell me what I have said that is ill-informed so that I can at least defend myself.

You have accused me of “faux anger.” Pretty poor form to make such an assumption when you have absolutely no idea what I feel about this disaster.

Telling someone to shut up is also pretty poor form. This is a forum for debate and exchange of views, as you well know. You dont get to tell someone that they do not have a voice just because you dont like what they are saying.

Finally so someone who professes to have no love for May and her Government, you seem to be really upset if someone has a pop at them. Bit odd that, dont you think?


Upvoted for use of the Beef Thread. We like the Beef Thread for beef.

I think Cherts gets upset because he thinks that when we say that the Tory government is responsible for some of the things we’ve seen unfold, he thinks you’re implicitly having a go at Tory voters, ascribing the same indifference and/or evil to the voters as they do to their representatives.

That’s not totally the case, imo. First, look at what else was on offer last election. Muppety Miliband that choked on a bacon sarnie, and Nick “he raised tuition fees” Clegg, erstwhile of Nick and the Cleggmaniacs.

I will stick up for you on this. Cherts is partisan no matter what he says. Before the election, Cherts described Corbs as “the right man for the wrong time”. It was conciliatory. The tune changed afterward :lou_sunglasses:

Still, I respect @chertsey-saint for hanging around, which is more than can be said for some of Corbyn’s other critics.

And no, Corbyn is not perfect. You don’t know where that finger has been, for starters.


Right, I’ve got my comfy chair and bag of popcorn.

Looking forward to watching how this one plays out.



You’ll be waiting a while. Cherts is on holiday, so he won’t reply until the wife and kids are asleep.

On the bright side, he’ll be well pissed by then.


Blimey I don’t think we’ve needed this thread for a while, but given the beef / handbags going on elsewhere perhaps its time has come again…?


Fuck the fuck off, you snivelling little shit.


Your mum… .