🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


What the fuck have I missed @cobham-saint ??


TMO/Pap/Tokes-gate as per the Salisbury thread for one mebbe? Just a thought.


Oh right, TBH I dip in and out of that one, politics and football shouldn’t meet etc. etc.


Me? I haven’t even posted on the Salisbury thread have I?


Maybe you’re me and I’m you… I think that’s what pap might think anyway, not sure.


Pap can’t go around believing that everyone who thinks he is a complete cunt crumpet is the same person! There are more than 6 people in the world.


Soz @tokyo-saint - you were given a (dis)honourable mention, so assumed you had posted earlier on the the thread - I couldn’t be arsed to trawl back and check. My bad.


As much as I like the beef thread, if our sectarian little Scot were not able to spew venom anywhere, he’d probably take the hump and flounce.

Then, @themightyostrich would start a thread asking where another one of our beloved posters had gotten off to.

I would then ask him if he knew the meaning of the word “beloved”. He’d then accuse me of being patronising, even though he upvoted me for patronising @barry-sanchez .

In short, it’s a vicious circle, @cobham-saint .


It’s certainly a conundrum @pap .


beloved bɪˈlʌvɪd,bɪˈlʌvd/ adjective adjective: beloved

  1. 1. dearly loved. “his beloved Tokes”

| synonyms: | darling, dear, dearest, precious, adored, loved, much loved, favourite, cherished, treasured, prized, esteemed, worshipped, idolized, lionized More |

  • very popular with (a specified set of people). “the stark council estates beloved of town planners in the 1960s”

noun noun: beloved

  1. 1. a much loved person - definitely not a midget cunt crumpet. “we watched as our beloved Tokes got a bite from pap again”

| synonyms: | sweetheart, loved one, love, true love, lady love, darling, dearest, dear one, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, young lady, young man, woman friend, lady friend, man friend, beau, admirer, worshipper, inamorata, not pap; More |


Wow, it’s a little bit saddening how much notice you obviously take of upvotes and downvotes pap. I shall make sure I think verrrrrry carefully before dishing them out in future in case it causes you confusion. “But first he says I’m patronising… b-but then he upvotes me… does he love me or not? I cannot tell! I’m so confused!”


I’m not confused, son.

I am perfectly well aware that me patronising people is perfectly okay as long as it isn’t you. And even then, it’s perfectly okay. Except for you :lou_sunglasses:


Pap is getting annoyed (he will he isn’t but he is) as he has started using ‘son’. If he goes full ‘mush’ you get 10 troll points TMO. Pick your next post carefully. I have faith in you getting to the little fuck goblin.


Oh pap, you little pickle, I’m not fragile enough to care whether you patronise me or not, I just called you up on it because I think it’s a shitty way to behave when someone asks a genuine question. I also find it ironic that you can accuse me and Tokyo of being egotistical when you yourself set so much stock in your own up and down votes, and you’re so quick to point out how much everyone likes you when they actually meet you, and that you get so much pleasure from trying to belittle people and show how much more you know about something than someone else. It’s an interesting insight into your character (or lack thereof).


Just efficient, my precious little toad.

If you can think of a quicker way for me to patronise @themightyostrich , I’m all ears.

That three character “son” proper took it out of me. Fuck knows how you managed to get your “Ok Steve” out.

It _must _ have been exhausting.


Nice try P, I’d love to get involved and tell you your mum shit the best part out when you were born but this is TMO’s gig. Answer the man!


Nah, he’s much better floundering.

No (actually, some) disrespect, but I’ve been deep into my history in recent weeks. I’ve been reading about things like the Ostfront and Verdun. In this heightened sense of vicarious empathy, I have little to no time for upset people on the Internet, save upsetting them further.


Fuck off Bilbo Baggins, this is the beef thread. Isn’t the point of this to joust things out verbally? You know I love that and you showing yourself as a weasel a few years ago and ever since gives me an adversey but this isn’t my fight. Call TMO a mush and complete your destiny.


Look mush, I might have bothered trying to explain that I wasn’t the imagined fantasy some twat had dreamed up on the Internet back in my TSW days.

This is Sotonians, baby. We meet in pubs. I’ve drunk for literal days with many of the fuckers on this forum, added all up.

And they won’t get upset at me referring to them as that, because they know it’s not coming from a bad place.

I’m not bothering to explain the vast differences between someone’s remote Internet assessment and reality, partially because I can’t be arsed, but mostly because I don’t fucking have to.

Upgrade your Sotonians experience by buying a drink in a pub at a participating venue.


:grinning: ok Steve