:saints: Welcome Nathan Jones - Men's First Team Manager

Welcome onboard. May you lead us to the promised land (up the table obvs)

Maybe we could nick that really annoying Barcodes song

“ee aye, ee aye oo, up the Premier League we go!!”


Oh hello
“A lot of my family are Saints fans”
Slack has been cut


Great appointment. :+1::+1::+1: Hungry up and coming manager. Trust in Rasmus trust in Nathan.

Hopefully his time here won’t be disrupted by unfounded accusations of kiddy fiddling like the last Jones we had.


Statement of intent. :+1::+1::+1:

Welcome, NJ.

How many managers have saints appointed during the premier League era who already had a job when we signed them.

I’ll start with Adkins - Scunthorpe

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We want Nathan Jones as the head team coach

his wife’s great grandfather played for Saints


Nathan Jones says it had to take a special club to take him away from Luton Town and he believes he has found that in Southampton.

The new Saints manager arrives at St Mary’s on a three-and-a-half-year deal.

After the appointment was confirmed, he said: "It’s pretty amazing really. It’s been a whirlwind time, but I’m really proud to be given this opportunity at a wonderfully traditional football club.

"It had to be something specific, because Luton is a wonderful football club and everything there is geared towards success – the alignment from top to bottom – and that was the thing I felt is here as well.

"I feel this is a real calculated club. Obviously I wanted to manage in the Premier League, I’ve dreamt of that since I’ve become a coach or a manager, but this club in particular – because of how it’s run, because of the structure, because of how they look deeper than just results – really appeals to me.

"There are certain things which are specific, of how they look and what they look for, things that we’ve been doing well at Luton that they want to implement here.

“It’s always a gamble when you employ a manager, when you take a job at a football club, but for me this is one I’m excited about and really feel I can impact.”

Bodes well, doesn’t it. :+1::+1::flushed::smile:


Well monosyllabic he ain’t…

Wotte (although he was working for us doing something else)


I am beginning to shit myself

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I was genuinely impressed with the interview. Came across as a genuine guy. I know diddly squat about the fella so (unlike the ducking stool builders on Fiverweb) I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not religious at all but I’m horrified by all the anti-christian comments on social media about the guy. Truly abhorrent. Even the comment in the interview (IIRC something like “God willing”) has been blown up out of all proportion. As long as he keeps us in the Prem I don’t care if he makes the first team go to Sunday School !


We need all the help we can get - if he can pull a few strings with the big fella upstairs then I am all in :pray::church::prayer_beads:


My physiotherapist, who is a sports specialist and has worked with several major clubs, including Saints, says NJ is very highly thought of within the pro game.