We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


Power gone to his head :neutral_face:


Watch it @Bucks I like you but I won’t hesitate to suspend your posting privileges :lou_angry:

:soccer: The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

@Dubai_Phil, how did you paste your twitter links?

Works for me :man_shrugging:

Actually, sometimes you’ve got to wait for discourse to parse the links before you hit post!!


Weird. Surely the first one shoulud have parsed or whatever before the second one.
Bloody technology


Sometimes you get broken links on twitter that can’t be read (parsed) properly, so it’ll just leave the link!!

However in your case the link worked :man_shrugging:

OIC you only pasted the link to the SouthampotnFC home page, not to a specific tweet, that is why…


Ah ha.
Blimey that 1st random link is actually a decent read. :joy:


That fateful night in Nice was just the latest in a long line of performances confirming the suspicion that to don the England shirt was to pull on a psychic pall. Players who performed brilliantly for their clubs were rendered hopeless by the garment. It seemed mad that we spent billions on aircraft carriers and whatnot, when the MoD should really just have done a procurement deal with Nike. In the event of World War III, the tactic would have simply been to drop payloads of England shirts on enemy troops and watch them go to pieces.


Discourse can get a bit wibbly wobbly on my phone when I’m replying!! Has anyone else had issues where the reply button doesn’t work and the forum thinks you’re tapping in the edit dialogue?


Have just noticed that the reply dialogue is modal, which means you can use the forum functions and grab quotes from other threads whilst you’ve still got your reply going.

Give it a go, see what I mean.

I just did it in the McCarthief (copyright @Bearsy RIP) Signs Thread


I have noticed this. I reported it to @saintbletch.

Five hours later, he was at my house with a sock full of acrylic pool balls.


I have absofuckingloutely no idea what you are saying.

I am running a team away afternoon oat the Founders Arms on the south bank of the Thames. Need to get home in time to see Engerland…hic!



It’s geekery @luddite-saint and I’m loving it.


It’s a chrome bug @BTripz (assuming you’re on Android chrome).

I’ve had it too and it related to the keypress being out by the height of the URL bar. If you can press above or below by the height of the URL bar it seems to work.


See this thread @BTripz.

Right at the end it is suggested that a fix is in the works. ETA Monday ish.

It’s a Chrome bug not a Discourse one.


Thanks @saintbletch, sterling work as ever.

I was more inclined to think it was a “my phone” bug due to it’s “notch” :slight_smile:


At the risk of sounding as if I am moaning, are there plans for any other ‘themes’ as right now I have to curtail the amount of time spent here perusing the board. The current themes are either all dark or stark white, ny chance of something a little ‘softer’ when you have a moment?


Have a look at “Intiniki’s theme”.

It’s the same as standard but with a grey background. It might be less stark for you.

Let me know how it works and if it’s no good give me some suggestions and I’ll knock something up.


a little greyer (or for the grammar police, a little darker grey) if poss, still very bright, sorry to be a pain, medical issues


Liking this now, much better, well done lads, I’ll get you a pint at the next meet up.


I find the “Vincent” setting very restful on the eyes…low contrast and not at all dark…I’ve been using it for a couple of days.
I suppose everyone’s eyes have different tolerances.