We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


Awww bless you. Looks good will feedback how it goes.


Sounds like a good title for a song


I notice posted links are opening in the same window meaning you have to hit the return arrow in the browser to go back to the og post. Can we have “open in new window” as the default setting.




OK…just thought that would have been the default option.


I don’t like the way @saintbletch’s massive overhaul has made me look a fifth rate developer plum that looks like he has put close to fuck all into the site by comparison over the last three years.

I’ve got a mate Steve who is even angrier. So apoplectic he’s throwing fivers from a mountain , apparently.



Let’s remember that I’ve done little to no development work on the forum itself and you took a half written idea and made it usable.


Oh do get a room you two :heart::heart::heart:




Wrong thread, this should be flagged as off topic…


He’s drunk half of it so he should be passed out by now, or very shortly.


He passed out as soon as he opened it and whiffed the fumes, that half bottle is due to mine sweepers and evaporation!


I love @saintbletch, and I’ll tell you why
You other bruvvas can’t deny
That when a bletch trots up with a pretty little forum
You wanna shout “TSW, you wankAAAAAAs!” with impossible decorum


Look, he’s down the fucking towpath, as we type, looking for towpath doggers.

Don’t blame me, @BTripz. Blame Discourse. I’d forgotten how popular Sex in Public was.


Morning all.

Just had a little post-Punk IPA nap.

I’m squinting at everything because it won’t stop spinning.

Did I miss anything?


Can we change some thresholds, I keep getting told off by the system for “posting too much” would you believe


I’ve increased the threshold.

It was the number of posts you can make without anyone else replying.

Was 3 now 10.


So, another 10 posts to ignore then



I’ll let @saintbletch’s favourtie word be employed here…

I used to like you @Cobham-Saint


You’ve changed Bob-Mod