We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

At at June 23, 2018 1:00 PM we are now LIVE.

There are still lots of things to tidy up, but the site should be usable now.

Please message me or the moderators group if you find any problems.

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What about the time zones in the east?

After Brexit there will only by GMT and BST.

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Any other “lefties” getting annoyed with the scrolling thingy being on the right of the screen when trying to scroll through posts on a mobile?

Blatant disregard /discrimination


Where are the knob emojis? They are the only reason to post here - OK found right at bottom… :lou_angry:

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And they say we lean too far to the left¡

I think I’ve read somewhere that the folks at Discourse are working on moving the side of the scroll and menu system.
No promises but something might be in the works…

I am lost… its all consuming.confusing… my old piss addled brain is struggling to cope - need a sort of forum sat nav to help me get to where I want to be… this is scary place for me now. :robot:


Well i think i have managed to log in but the site is a complete mystery to me now. Are the topics listed in chronological order as before, ie, latest posts at the top? The old site was very user friendly to an old luddite like me. Don’t think i will ever get the hang of this new one, seems unnecessarily complicated to me.

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How the fuck do you do anything?
Why is the funny thread on lock down?
What is a community flag?
Is it like gay pride?
Like it is here in split.

BTW Croatian gays must be double hard judging by the number of riot police in town.

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I think you’ll get there.

You’re not alone in making those comments but I think we can help.

There are a number of themes that we can use that hide some of the lesser used features. This might help.

I’ll put those on my to do list.

Where is the “Bazza, you are talking shite “ button? I can see the like button.


Indeed - its become all very touchy feely love-festy… goes we just have to call each other cunts?

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Threads will appear as locked as a hangover from the migration.

They shouldn’t be, and I will unlock them when I see them.

Basically, the new forum thinks it’s seen 3200 flags (downvotes), and it is responding accordingly.

As we go on things will be calmer BUT Discourse will lock threads if it sees lots of downvotes.

Just left and then returned and all the threads are all over the place and cant find some I was just looking at… where are the fucking clouds for me to shout and swear at?

Well the Brexit thread is fucked then


The order of threads will be wrong for a while while these closed threads work their way through the system.

I’m loving it already…it’s like picking up a pair of well worn socks. Pick them up give them a sniff and know it has your scent all over it.

By the way…just started to work my way through my 3228 unseen notifications. I might be gone some time.:wink:


Am I entitled to any compensation?


Ar, ‘the system’ - best get Pap over here pronto so he can ‘smash it’ :bomb::boom: