We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find


On the off chance we get to a semi final again



@tigger, have a look at the Tigger’s Theme.

I’m not sure if it is what you’re looking for, because some of the text now looks difficult to see.

Happy to keep tuning it. Just give me details instructions on what you need!


Did I mentioned that you can animated GIF backgrounds for your user cards?

Go on, touch me.

You know you want to…



The who’s on line list of avatars gets a bit cosy (crushed up) when loads are online- see Engerland v Belgium game…


“Loads”? There’s 10 of us.


That’s as good as it gets isn’t it?


maybe my eyesight was blurred- have spent most of the afternoon in t’pub tbf


I do miss being able to express dissatisfaction with a posters comments with a hearty down vote.

This ‘flagging” to the Mods doesn’t really cut the mustard.

It’s all too nice.

Are we not allowed to offend each other with an honest to goodness downvote now and again?

Bletch #snowflake


Yeah, I can see that.

But, I’d say that the downvotes from the old forum made the place quite adversarial and aligned us behind cliques.

We do have the option of installing a ‘retort’ system that allows you to quickly express something about a post.

See here…

We could implement it here and limit the emojis.

If I hear the same comment from others or you get lots of likes for you post @Cobham-Saint, I’ll discuss it with @TheOwners and @TheSoviet.


Cheers @saintbletch a thumbs up or down would do - especially now that we have @BTripz leading the 4th Reich :lou_wink:

Have you factored in the inertia and bloody mindlessness on the site (in a good way obvs) ?


Perfect thank you


Anyone seen the cool expansion of emojis?

:metal: :man_cartwheeling: :metal:



Any good?


The man from pap monte, he say :ballot_box_with_check:.

:pineapple: :palm_tree: :banana:


Sorry, but this is all too difficult for me. It was nice knowing you guys. What a shame.


Oh. That’s not good.

If I can do it then so should you.

Laters then



This is why we need downvotes @saintbletch & @pap

The site is a tad too happy clappy now…


Can I help, @Nottarf-Krap?

Is there something specific that you want to do but can’t?

Can I produce a guide for you?

Let me know and I’ll do what I can.


Don’t be a bellend


@Fatso @saintbletch asked for the possible not the impossible :lou_lol:


Anyone have any issues when replying using their phone? I cannot seem to hit reply. I’ve checked settings and the touch screen sensitivity and it’s fine on other sites just on here. When I am in the response box I end up hitting the Bold and Italics etc.