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:soccer: The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread


Which reads as “available on a free transfer just pay his bloody wages”


Now this is interesting. I recall him saying that he would love to return there at some point. He left them after they were relegated for being in administration etc and we signed him for diddly shit. And with Armstrong now on board, and Davis’ influence dwindling of late, I could see this happening.


Was a sad day when my A500 died.



Who the fuck is the bloke who tweeted?


I’ve translated his name in Google translate and came out as Dusan Tadic’s Cousin.


A Norweigan journalist apparently :man_shrugging:t2:




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Depending on who you believe, either Saints or Wham are going to sign some bloke from Barcelona.


The Spanish article, crudely translated is as follows:

Barça will sell Marlon to Southampton for 12 million euros
Very advanced negotiations with the English club by the Brazilian central
His agents were in Barcelona on Thursday to close the oepration
Marlon Santos cost six million euros and has only played an official game with the first team | Maite Jiménez

Barça is one step away from closing the sale of Brazilian Marlon for 12 million euros, plus bonuses. Finally, as SPORT has learned, its destination will be the English Southampton, which has already submitted a formal offer to close the operation. Marlon’s agents were in Barcelona on Thursday and met directly with Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu to formalize the details of the operation. It is expected that in the coming days the documents will be signed and an economically beneficial transfer to Barcelona will be announced.

The Blaugrana club picked up a few days ago Marlon, who had him on loan at Nice. The reason was that they were about to sell him. There was a firm interest from West Ham, but finally it will be Southampton who will take the transferred player. Barça will not have any repurchase option, but it will have some bonuses depending on the performance that could make the operation higher.

Marlon signed for Barça for 6 million euros. He had no opportunities in the first team and almost always played in the subsidiary. They gave him to Nice to revalue him and the operation has been a success. Barça not only recovers the investment but will double the money it paid for the Brazilian. Marlon is on vacation but is scheduled to travel immediately to England.



Perhaps the rumour that Gao doesn’t have a pot to piss in are wide of the mark. It’s good to be getting business in early.

It’s like the Groundhog Day of the seasons when we actually bought players.

:interrobang: Rumour has it that Les Reed has finally relaxed his personal policy of making incoming players pledge fealty to him, and him alone.


Thought Les was in Russia @Dubai_Phil, or was this photo taken a while ago??


I really like the way we’re going about things this year; getting players in early, all of whom IMO will strengthen us in areas where we have been weak. And I’m OK with the fact that if Elyounoussi is as good as we’re led to believe, we’ll have him for 2 seasons and then he’ll go to a big club. If he does he’ll hopefully have taken us back to challenging for Europe which is where we as a club should be. Pocket the money, get a replacement with potential, move on up and repeat. It’s the “Southampton Way” and much better than being a boring go-nowhere club like Wet Spam are and Stoke and West Brom were.


Is @UnderArmour for real or a corporate bot out to mildly try and brainwash us?

If he/she/it is a corporate then charge them to post and we might just get the mythical VIP champagne lounge- but for the whole membership!

You’re not taking a backhander BTW @pap?


Hi @UnderArmour, I’m inclined to agree with you there. What I don’t entirely (at all) agree with is you charging £45 for a training t-shirt. WTAF.

Cool Switch Technology or no Cool Switch Technology, either way you are having knickers and briefs down all over the shop with those prices.


Simon says


As I said, the early business is good. It’s not that much different from the way we’ve done it in the past, when we’ve bought. I’d rather this than endless bollocks about when the club are going to buy someone.

That all said, we’re signing exactly the same kind of players we used to. The proposition is exactly the same. Take a punt on someone that done well in a different League.

We’ve signed so many players from Celtic :shamrock: :scotchland: now that I wouldn’t be surprised if the first team were circulating an Escape from Colditz style map :world_map: , plotting a course :airplane: to an actual big club via the sleepy hollows of Southampton. :deciduous_tree: :ship: :rose:

@old-ottery would fucking love it on here :beer: