:saints: Mohamed Elyounoussi Signs


Fiverweb reaction please? Otherwise I cannot determine if this is a good signing or not.


Thought he is an attacking midfielder, not a forward but if he adds goals and creates goals (and keeps @Goatboy happy) then he gets my vote.

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And he speak’eda da lingo good too…


Put it this way… I am more excited about him than I was when we signed Redmond. Make of that what you will.


Just seen him up here viewing houses…


Proper @Tigger bait too. Nice looking lad. The sort you don’t mind your daughter bringing home ?


You know that one is SO old now Baz it’s got pubes growing on it. :lou_facepalm_2:

Thought that was Barry’s way of saying, he’s good, but not good enough to play for a team that wins things.

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Worth a read for this bit:

Leicester have been interested in Elyounoussi in the past, which was confirmed by his former coach Ian Burchnall, who worked with the winger while assistant to former City striker Brian Deane at Norwegian club Sarpsborg.

“When I was finishing my Uefa Pro Licence, I did a little study trip and spent five days in Leicester,” Burchnall said in March.

“He was on their radar a while back. Publicly, as well. I think it was public knowledge that they were tracking him a little bit. They asked me about him and I said I really believed that he could play at that level.

“I was not surprised when he scored against Man City. I sent him a message because I was really proud of him. I had him when he was 18, 19 breaking into the first-team. What a talent.

“Forget his skills, his mentality – he is a tough kid mentally. He is ready to work and train and do extra. He is probably the best I have worked with at first-team level.”


He’ll fucking have to be if his SatNav ever swings him through Millbrook.

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Millbrook’s on my preferred route to St. Mary’s. We speed through with doors locked and windows wound up in the Land Rover Defender.
Managed to avoid the barracades and Molitovs at both ends of Windemere Avenue so far. :wink:

Well, he’s obviously professional because I know what shape I would have ended up in if my dad owned a pizza and kebab shop.

Quite excited by his signing.

Still can’t believe we’re at it so early in pre-season.

Have we, as a club, (the Promes non-signing springs to mind) realised that in the past we’ve been a penny-wise but a pound foolish - and we’re now paying the going rate?

Or are the people now making the decision about VfM different, i.e. less-Les?


Easy to say - you don’t have any daughters that you acknowledge obvs - sorry Harv…


Only joshing you both, maybe…

tigger agrees

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makes all the right noises.

He’s won more headers in these 3 and half youtube minutes than Tadic did in 4 years at Saints.


To be honest I’ve not heard of the guy before. Looks like a Tadic replacement. Hopefully it works out.

Ignore all the hopeful posts above for a minute… but he has gone and scored a goal for Celtic!