⚽ The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

Too Early?

The main contributor to the data input into our black box strikes again.


Yes, it surely is too early. Potential signings will want to see whether we are still in the Premiership for a start. Any decent, ambitious youngish players won’t be interested in playing in the Championship. If we do get relegated we will struggle to attract quality Premiership class players.

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Are you @nottarf-krap ?


No but he is 100% correct.


I think it’s stating the bleeding obvious that any ambitious, Premiership class footballer would wait and see if we are still in the Premiership before signing for us.

Let’s get the old gang back together. Pelle, Fonte, Sharp…we could attract them all even in the championship


Old being the operative word.

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The Trailer for ‘’ The Sotonians Transfer Saga House - Return to shitsville’’ will be out soon


You lazy attention seeking thieving bastard!


And meanwhile Maya is leaving?

Going to الله أكبر apparently Phil. Any rumours of this in the Camel News today?

I’m not opening a sports page on anything local.

Every other word is “Liverpool”

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He’s been one of the brighest players to come out of Australia for some time. V injury prone though. I would not be upset to have him on the bus. Would mean Tadic may be off?

Worth keeping an eye out on him at the World Cup.

If you want a better bet, keep tabs on Daniel Arzani. 19 yo who has more skills a-plenty. Problem is, he currently plays for Citeh’s Aussie team, Melbourne City.

He is in our 32 man extended W/C squad. I reckon he will be our bolter so someone get on the bat phone to whoever is going to sign players next year and offer him the watch.


IF Sparky stays I can see him wanting to get someone in with “experience”. Steve Davis had been that man for a while now but with his injuries this season and let’s be honest a fall off in his form, I think we need a wise head out on the pitch

Yes Sparky has got Dusan and Redmond playing in straighter lines at last, but we have an immature replacement for Tadic already on the books - Boufal and hopefully the midgets of Sims/Hesketh/Read to hang around the squad.

Maya looks to be off for a pension pot so clearly we will be signing Shawcross :lou_facepalm_2:

Will Longs’ legs be up to another year? Could Sparky actually teach him which direction the goal is in or is his managerial style more akin to his record for shots on target during his time with us as a DM?

Bednarek seems to have stepped into the “don’t notice him” category completely out of nowhere, and with Les (hopefully) off

Lander Sports “Stating” they want us to be challenging in that Top 8 group will we actually invest and keep our newly remotivated key players?

No doubt the saga will be longer and slower to play out than Game of Thrones

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I like the comments section of the Read Southampton article…

“Would be the best thing to have happended in years” :lou_surprised:

“Who writes this shit” :lou_sunglasses:

Seems fairly accurate

Is it time to send Fraser packing and save Butland from a sinking ship?

  1. I’m not sure there will be too many takers for Fraser. Everyone’s seen what he’s been like this season.

2.butland will be going to a bigger club than us. We needed to buy him a few years ago from Birmingham (was it Birmingham? )

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Fraser has 3 years left on his ridiculous contract. He may be happy to use his clumsy frame to sit on the bench, not sure Butland would be happy as a back up. McCarthy has been fantastic and deserves no.1

I don’t think anyone would be suggesting signing butland as back up, Ted.