❓ 👑 The Re-Markle-ble Interview



You may want to avoid the news, social media and stuff for a week or so.

The interview has dropped…

It has some depth to it that is not good.

It will infest the press.

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What interview?


I assume the one where Ralph wonders if he has the mental strength to survive to the end of his contract with Saints


Meghan was suicidal
Archie wasnt allowed to be a Prince because he is not the right colour
Kate is a bitch
They took away our coppers
My pretend Dad stopped taking my calls
Everyone was jealous of how natural Meghan was at being royal

That should save you the pain

I seem to remember Meghan is an actress.

Everyone seems to have forgotten:-

  • Prince Andrew
  • The fate of Harry’s mother

If Harry was hoping to build bridges this is the polar opposite about how to go about it. We know that the Royal Family is super dysfunctional. Airing your dirty laundry in public never ends well especially if you go up against The Firm. The Americans lap this shit up but if Harry thought that it would help his cause over here he is sadly wrong. If he and his missus thought they were targets before they ain’t seen anything yet!

Never about helping their cause over here, they knew that was a busted flush.

It’s all about making them money in the US, end of.


Harry did lose his mother as a child. In very dubious circumstances.

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Indeed. But Harry has more to lose than Megan here. Apart from family things he seemed to treasure such as his military positions. They won’t be short of a few bob over there, but he will not find the royalist Brits here in the slightest forgiving.

Not sure about making them money - Oprah, though, she is rumoured to have trousered $7m for this.

You got to hand it to her - she has played the long game, worked her way into their lives and has landed a whale

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I’m sure my life will be richer for never seeing or hearing about them ever again.


And I’m sure you’ll be slightly poorer paying for a nonce’s expenses :smiley:

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I had no idea who Mégane markall and katherin Middletun even were. Incase anyone else is in my predicament I have attached some pictures for context so that we all can all be clear about whom we’re discussing.


I’m still not sure which one is which TBH

And this is willy and Harold. Again not sure which is which.

That’s the plan.

Since I anticipate this story being a hot topic on this website for the weeks to come I have taken the liberty of assigning references to the main talking points. Please feel free to use my referencing system as short hand to help facilitate further discussion.

1. ‘Discussions about how dark Meghan’s baby might be’

2. Kate ‘made Meghan cry’ - not the other way around

3. Meghan said she was on the verge of suicide but was refused help

4. Meghan spoke to one of Diana’s friends

5. Harry feels ‘let down’ by Charles

6. But the couple’s relationship with the Queen is good

7. Harry ‘cut off financially’

8. The truth behind a photograph

9. Meghan ‘didn’t do any research’ on the Royal Family

10. They exchanged vows three days before their wedding

11. Archie’s favourite phrase is ‘drive safe’

12. And… it’s a girl