👑👩 Was Diana silenced?

Ah, another conspiracy theory! If professionals want to bump someone off, they don’t do it via a car crash in the middle of Paris.

As for who was speculating about the baby’s skin tone, it has to be Philip surely?

It took 90 minutes for them to get her to hospital in the middle of the night for a trip that takes 15 minutes in rush hour.

The official account is about as believable as Prince Andrew.

I think we’re talking about two different Royal families. You’re talking about the can-do-no-wrong lot where Meghan is a stirring bitch.

I’m talking about the one that had Jimmy Savile visiting for 30 years.

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So they construct a car crash and then when that didn’t work make sure that she didn’t make it to hospital in time. Really?

I’m not arguing with you about this.

I said highly dubious circumstances. They are. You mentioned conspiracy theories. Everything I’ve mentioned here is verifiable. It’s your job to tell me why an ambulance trip took six times longer with no traffic than it usually does with traffic.

It’s not on me to explain everything to you.

However, it’s far easier to slag an American actress, so why not do that instead?

You believe it is a conspiracy so surely it is down to you to explain exactly why? You can start with telling us why the Monarchy would want her dead?
I have a neighbour who used to work in military intelligence including tours of duty in NI. He doesn’t believe it was a professional hit. Even if it was it was a badly bodged job. And how did they arrange for Diana not to wear her seat belt? Had she worn it there is a very good chance that she would have survived the crash. As for the ambulance, as I am sure you know, they don’t just rush people from the scene of an accident straight to hospital. There is a period of triage when they try and determine what the injuries are. Immediately after the crash it wasn’t thought that Diana was that badly injured.
As for slagging off an American actress, really? I think I was talking about not washing your dirty linen in public, which in my book goes for anybody dealing with family issues, not just an American actress. Or perhaps we should just carry on perpetuating a myth that the Queen hires hitmen to bump off the ex wives of her sons?

Very quick answer. You introduced the conspiracy angle. You explain it.

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Very quickly, I don’t believe that there was a conspiracy therefore I don’t see the need to explain something that I don’t believe in.

As for the comments about skin tone, very surprised to hear that it wasn’t Philip as it is something you can imagine going through his head and as we know he has no filter. My second bet is now on Andrew.

Apparently not. Clarified that it was neither Philip nor the Queen.

I am with you on this @pap.

You do not have to be a conspiracy nutcase to have “concerns” “be uneasy with” “have a tinkling in your water” with regard to the death of Diana.

Equally, the photos of Will & Harry can put the same “Roger Moore raised eyebrow” into ones mind.

And I do not believe any human being that watched Diana’s funeral found it anything but “stressful” watching those poor kids walk behind the hearse.

And I’ve never watched an episode of The Crown.

Well Harry has said it wasn’t Philip or the Queen and although Charles is a bit of a duffer I don’t think he would say something like that.

But why? Any damage that she was likely to do had already been done. To be honest Charles and Andrew have been just as much a liability to the RF reputation as Diana. Should Megan be worried about being on a hit list now?

Then why raise it?

I think you need to decide which side of the fence you want on this one. My initial response to you on this was in reply to you saying that if they thought they were targets then, they’ll be even bigger targets now.

So it comes back to “which Royal family are we talking about?”.

Your own words suggest there will be consequences involved. So how are they going to do that?

Will it all just happen by accident, like in the plane scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, or will they have a chat about it behind closed doors? Y’know, conspire.

TBH @Pap I sort of assumed that @Sadoldgit was talking about the press, not MI5 (or is it 6??)!!

Because it is nonsense. You raised the issue about the time it took for the ambulance to reach the hospital but if you had read the debunking of the conspiracy theories, which I assume you have, you will see that everything is accounted for.
You are the one making an issue of Diana and questioning her death, not me.

That’s exactly what they want you to think.


I see. The old double bluff! Frankly I think that they went for the wrong one. Fergie was a better target.

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Surely that’s the one thing you would be able to agree with, regardless of anything else. She had just done the Bashir interview, plus she was being publicly courted by Al Fayed (and reportedly close to marrying him, although that doesn’t make a huge difference.) I can’t believe you genuinely don’t see any reason for the Firm to fervently wish she was out of the picture completely.

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It really did take 90 minutes to get her to a hospital. Claimed nowt else. Now if you don’t think that’s dubious in a capital city with a VIP late at night, I have some stunning waterfront property in London that may interest you.

I don’t want to say Tower Bridge out loud, but it’s Tower Bridge :wink:



I didn’t say it didn’t, just that the time was accounted for.