😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


Driving across town & queueing in Hovernment offices all day.
And my registration application is completed and sent off to officially live here in Poland.
Lots more to do & not easy in 3C with gales & snow flurries with man flu

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

Well…mum “Indipops” has popped her sprogs yesterday…right on schedule. Sandy the breeder says Mum and kids are doing fine…all 8 of them…4 girls and 4 boys. One teat for each…clever girl.

I’m off to see them this afternoon despite having man-flu…video and piccies to follow. :lou_lol:




Wow … how lucky you are. Mind you the breeder sounds mad as a box of frogs. Feel free to post photos endlessly !!


Sandy is a real character…our friends know her well as they got their Cocker from her and when we lost our boy in October she was the one we wanted if we were to have another. She says “we expect you to visit as often as possible before you take her home” I said “Try to keep us away” :lou_lol:


Do they taste good?


Getting the tannoy message to proceed to the heli-lounge and watch the safety briefing before getting the hell out of Dodge.


Mrs G’s face when I give her a dozen red Roses.


She’s a keeper.


I am getting off the rig on Valentines day after 28 days away.
The wife says have you shaved ?
Me off course have you?
I will do it now. She says
I will put some perfume on.

“ ow the fuck that hurts”


Just booked next week off work. No real plans. Doubt we will go anywhere as last min and half term.


Watching all the women in the office every time interflora turns up - its is like the oscars - all of them trying to look cool and not interested when the flowers first turn up, to trying to mask that disappointment when they get delivered to someone else

The guys are not helping by grabbing them off the delivery man and turning it into a I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here style selection process - Sharon, it’s not you, Jane, it could be you.

Classic stuff


Sending flowers to your lady when they are at the office is just a game of “look at me”…


Two of the women i the office were joking baout getting flowers. So when there was a loud knock on our door another colleague went to answer. She quickly slammed the door as it was a voilent service user for the office above.
1 police officer got flowers in pur office.
I got sent a rose once at work. I had strong words with the guy to never doing something ridiculous again.


Ah Valentine’s Day.
Not quite the same when you’ve both got Flu & are too wrecked to do anything except take meds


Getting this from the grand daughter


As sweet as that is, does anyone else find sending valentines cards to family members a bit weird. I would get it if we lived in Utah, however to use @Bearsy parlance, the purpose of a valentines day card was to signal the fact that you would like to bone the recipient


In Portsmouth the practice of sending Valentines cards to non-family members is frowned upon, I believe.


I think it should be encouraged that portsmouth residents send valentines cards to themselves.