😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

What little thing brings sunshine and light into your everyday life?

One of mine scratching the base of the dogs tail and looking at the smile on her face when you do it :lou_lol:

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Stroking both of my pussies…

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Why are you awake? @cobham-saint

smudge & lucy(fur)

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Supposed to be on hols (Fri) but doing a conf call for work. Going back to bed in an hour.

Yay to fucking globalization


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The little pleasure of everyday life :lou_lol:

And I meant the little pleasure of everyday life :zipper_mouth:

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Since I bought my (ex) wife & kids to Dubai some 22 years ago, we’ve always had “Street Cats” that moved in with us. Ollie Robbie, Hoppie & Kipper were all just scrounging off us to be honest.

Occassionally one of Ollie or Robbie would allow you to touch them for a tiny stroke but would then roll on their backs and sink their teeth and claws an inch deep into our hands. Hoppie was 3 legged and was terribly shy - Kipper just looked after her - neither ever showed any affection.

Sadly we lost Hoppie to a brain heamorrage then within a couple of months Kipper was gone from a broken heart.

Of course with territory empty a new cat moved in - Tiger - obviously (new wife new naming regime)

Tiger is a longer haired street cat, she came for her food but rarely came near us, but she would come in of an evening and sit on the spare chair for a snooze.

Then last December we moved - downsizing basically being fed up of having free-lloading tourists staying at our place every other week (our excuse for not being able to afford another rent increase).

We had to keep Tiger indoors for 2 weeks to settle. Then we went away for 2 weeks leaving a mate to come feed her (and Rambo our Tortoise). Tiger trashed the place - tore huge holes in the Mosquito Nets trying to get out…

Then we were back. First night Mrs D_P is lounging on “her chair” and Tiger hops up on her lap and stays until it’s bed time. A week later she is letting herself be brushed for the first time.

Now? 8 months on, we come home from work, she’s waiting on her scratch mat. She comes and says hello. She waits for us to dump our stuff then asks us to let her out for an hour (Patio windows - ground floor Apartment).

An hour later she comes in - dinner time. She eats, heads back outside. 8:30 like clock work she now comes in, I’m laid out on the couch, watching Netflix, she mewps then hops up onto my lap looks me in the eye and says stroke me bitch.

She’s just happy to lay there, watching telly or just purring away.

The moral of this story is:

Life is good as long as you keep a happy pussy around the house


Just want to point out that it WAS NOT ME that chose the cat’s name… :lou_sunglasses:

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Coffee from my machine every morning. Coupled with fresh beans from www.hasbean.com, I have a perfect cup of freshly ground coffee.best way to start the day.


I’ve moaned about the traffic down here in other threads, but when it goes right, I do very much enjoy the blast out of Southampton in the mornings, especially when the weather is decent, you’ve cleared the city limits before 8am, and you’re hooning it along the New Forest roads.


Seeing a parking ticket on the van of the mutha fucker who keeps parking in my space. That made me smile today.


Nobody remembers the cats name @dubai_phil

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When she says over my face .Five days later and I’m still on a high.

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A great poo. I had one about 10.30am that has left me feeling like a new man.


It can be tough finding a new man at the best of times let alone at 10:35am


Only one?! Surely an all time low for you fats, at least that’s the lowest since I’ve been keeping records anyway… :lou_surprised:


The noise of a bottle top coming off an ice cold bottle of beer, and then the glp blup bulp noises as you drink it.

When my last patient on a Friday afternoon cancels and I can get home early and open a bottle of beer.

When I realise I still have a bottle of beer in the fridge.

All those things make me smile. They may need to be in a different order.


I can’t believe someone started this thread when Bearsy’s on holiday. I’ll have to wait for “Banging a nurse with a rock hard post-Viagra stiffy and then being massaged to a softie after crying to her that it won’t go down RIP”.

Personally, I like a nice custard slice once in a while.


Wandering up the high street at lunch time and remembering that the stall in the precinct sells Gyros Pitta.