😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


Im in a Spa town, close to the Czech border. It is so chilled am loving it. The mineral water comes out in drinking fountains all round the town and its fizzy!
Drove here via country lanes, but the central thought that kept coming back to me was a post by Bazza that Poland is flat
Off hiking in the mountains tomorrow


After a number of afternoon beers in a lovely pub garden with chums, I’m now at my dad’s trying not to fall asleep or tell him to be quiet.


A live view from East Beach Charmouth…


I guess he was looking at a map…


Because you will all laugh at me.
Last night we stayed in the village where Mrs D_ps elder sister lives.
The Communist era hotel was £24 Inc breakfast it was clean and better than a Premier Inn. Being a small village however it was under used so half of it was an OAP home…
Today in the Spa Town we are in this

Stunning and old style Polish style but really comfy. Half the hotel is also…
A Sanitarium.
Yep I’m quite at home.


Today we walked 1.5kms through a park to a Trout farm for lunch.
Just been told that 10m further we’d have been in Czech Republic.
5m after the border are a string of " herbal remedy" shops which is completely legal now in Czech.
May skip the 2nd mountain climb tomorrow, bad knees obviously


Listening to baby Barn Owls tap dancing on the bedroom ceiling.


Wait until the biggest one fucks the others up and eats them


Bloody heathen Sais, where’s your soul ?
Here in Gods own country there enough rodents for all.


5:45 alarm call to beat the crowds.
Yeah, really flat…


That post crashed and burned.
Meanwhile, just standing at a bar ordering couple of afternoon beers and just seen a Chicken Ceasar Salad PIZZA.


You sure you didn’t inhale?


I drank some tea… #seebrexitthread but no, that bottle would be an automatic, no appeal 4 year sentence back home so it stayed on the shelf.
Got to say the tea got the mountain climb aches out the legs in seconds.
Here is a pic of the mountain ![20180808_075838|375x500]

Don’t think @BTripz would make it round in his XXL shirt.
My knees screamed


A mountain pic


I have just got in from work and am on hols until end Aug.

Up at stupid o’clock tomorrow to get the flight to Dubrovnik for the family hols

By this time tomorrow I plan to have made inroads into the local wine and beer.

I may post pictures or get Young Adult/Teenage Mutant to do it for me.



Also available on draft. Very nice it is too.


Fuck the XXL shirt, the heights would have stopped me getting up there.


I will be guided by you @Fowllyd

I hope not to be disappointed



This reminded me of Gollum.


You going to have to brief Young Adult/Teenage Mutant to multi post pictures here…
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