😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


The happy couple are only 21, bless.
Church is stunning. What HAS knocked my expectations are the Bride’s distant cousins from Michigan
4 ex cheerleaders and 1 current.
I’m the only other non Polish speaker here Dad Dancing might be more fun than I expected


Got delegated to look after a screaming toddler. Walked 10 times round a monastery.
Service still going. Bloke in white frock is a huge Saints fan.
Keeps singing Ave’it Mario or something.
I need a/c and vodka


I am so in the shit for this.
Polish Wedding style



Yaaay…altogether now!


Better than the Engerland Band tbf


I don’t fancy your chances in a Polish court.


I’m really proud of myself tbh. Mrs D_P started with a face like thunder then just cracked up. Took all the stress out the day!
So we had the 2 blessings church was stunning. Chicken Soup (national dish) some pork & a chicken Kiev. Mrs has got her revenge by promising that cheerleaders I will dance with them all night.
I’ve been on my feet 9 hours already. Beeeetch!

The 1st dance was so sweet, a Polish love thing. Bride had decided to do a set routine. Well played the groom, he had clearly been to lessons, didn’t put a foot wrong.
But the rhythm just isn’t in his soul!
Was like a 1st episode of a new season of Strictly!


Ok getting drinking head on so will move thread after this.
Hotel California (Or something)
2 weddings today.
T’other wedding huge noise as a convoy of Harleys arrived escorting a municipality bus all ribbons up.
About 50+ Bikers in full regalia.
Stood outside, their band did Polish stuff, bread eating, bubbly smashing. Groom carries bride into venue…
First dance starts up
It’s Alice…
FFS 50+ Bikers singing Alice as they walk through the doors.
PMSL so much I ignored the football score


The Poles are like late 70s Brits discovering things. Like Wine.
So they have provided wine.
Red, White and Rose.
I’ve had to show 2 couples how the corkscrew works.
They think white/rose at room temperature is amazing…
Oh I also just danced a Waltz to some Polish song. Think it went well, until Mrs D_P limped away shouting it’s a quickstep you moron


Getting out of sweltering London.


Mixed grill, The Welcome Inne, Scarborough sea front


Coronary on a plate…I can hear your arteries clanging shut from here.

Looks tasty though.


I’ll do a proper match report on the appropriate thread, but thought I’d do the emotive one here.
Yesterday was absolutely bloody wonderful. Not in a Celebrity 7 star wedding way, but in a celebration of humanity and community way. The precise thing we miss in the bling of Dubai
The 2 families couldn’t be more diverse. Hola, the groom’s mum has been through the types of hell that would severely stress @Intiniki’s skills. Single Mum, ramshackle but immaculate home in a forest, the. Bride much more middle class, but with a family history - her Greatgrandfather dropped something by accident at the wrong place & time and was sent to a labour camp, never to return. His cousin emigrated to the US which is how the cheerleaders got to the gig.
Humble is the perfect word.
They worked so hard the flowers at the homes, church and party, the comfort food, 11 hours with only 4 songs in English keeping traditions alive for the millenials.
Just bloody wonderful.
A full time Brit may have peaked to soon on booze OR got bored to death by the band playing 6 songs that in truth to me all sounded the same, then taking a 40 minute break, but that is when we talked or waved arms around in many cases.
The Americans loved it, they sat in awe as we spoke about Dubai, the cutest Amber, had to dance with an usher and was supposed to ask her on a date - with a translator.
I awoke this morning feeling uplifted. As soul cleansing as @Intiniki’s photo of the countryside.
Now to find some trousers that still fit.
The food was WAY too much. But of course you eat everything. :poop:


Free tickets to the Charity Shield, a day in the sun with mates and futuristic drinking


Black Forest Gateau made with proper fresh cream & fruit


When you’re driving down the A34 and see police lights in the distance, slow down to 70 as you go by and see the police talking to the guy that was tailgating you a couple of miles back.

Karma’s a bitch


Hope you gave him a wave😊


A hearty chuckle was had by all…


Road trip part 1 Krakow to Zarsow a tiny forgotten town 60km from Wroclaw.
A train ride to the City and an afternoon exploring and drinking local craft ales.
Wroclaw is much smaller & quieter than Krakow, more bombing damage so more skanky buildings but the square is lovely in the summer sun.
And those craft beers…


'salright, but it’s no Market Street in Easteigh.