Following on from the other day’s off-topic ramblings about visiting Dubrovnik I thought I’d start this thread to try out our new multi-picture upload. So here are some pictures I took of the old town last October…



Believe it or not…it’s gone a bit wrong. I’ll have to read the instructions. :lou_facepalm_2:

That's better....forgot to select all the coded uploaded pictures before selecting the Grid Gallery. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

I have no idea how or why, but Granty from fiverweb, ended up there for a couple of nights on his way to Samara. His Istagram tales impied he liked it but he got hit with a 25 quid bill for 2 Vodka Cokes.
Made I larf that, being so cheap and all.

Not my experience…didn’t find it too expensive. From my pictures on that day you’d think it quite quiet…not so. The main drags were seething but most “tourists” (obviously I wasn’t a tourist) don’t venture up the side streets. There were 5 cruise ship in that day.

I went there aged 11 on a school cruise on the old SS Nevasa. Went back with ex & youngest when he was 18 months so about 29 years ago. We actually stayed then at Budva which was on the bay with Sveti Stefan (or whatever) Old Communist days, lots of cafes all with identical menus and prices.

Did love Dubrovnik and the mountains around there and it is on the list of places “when” we get back to EU


That’s 5 memberships shovelled out of fiver mountain.

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Here are some more pictures from 2012…


This is a learning process…a couple of the pictures need to be reduced in size…the thumbnails show OK but when you click on the first picture to scroll through them the larger ones don’t display as full pictures.

Yeah please let me know what you find out because I had a few problems last night.

As I mentioned in the new features post, it’s a bit fiddly.

Good work though @lifeintheslowlane, keep 'em coming.

OK this is a reload of the 2012 pictures which were all much larger files than I upload to FB nowadays. Resized the 14 pictures to a max width of 1600 pixels which is plenty big enough for online viewing…

Nothing wrong with the interface, just me not reading instructions before uploading and expecting things to mold to my wishes. :lou_wink_2:

I think people need to realise there is a size limit to either multiple uploads or to how the “Grid Gallery” displays.

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Just practicing @lifeintheslowlane



Nice photos litsl. Don’t like the way there is no gap between them on the layout though.

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Viewing on my laptop there’s a space around each picture in the layout.

And on my Crapple phone too

not on my mac

Well take your mac off and have a look at it in your T shirt. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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I’m naked under my mac.


:lou_facepalm_2: Too much information.:lou_lol: