😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life (Part 2)

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Fuck you Cobs you’ve just filled the “Little Annoyances” thread and now I have had to start Mk2…
Jeeeeezzzz. :lou_facepalm_2:

Getting up off of the sofa after dozing off and tripping over a slipper…sober too

Bloody hell, you’ve got no chance of reaching my age you numpty. :rofl: :rofl:

At least when I trip over I only dislocate my little finger…

ADVICE: you should be wearing a crash helmet.

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There, corrected it for you :wink:

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Fuck fuck fuck fuck…what a shit day just had news that my good mate of 50 years has had a stroke on a train between Munich and Stuttgart. His wife is with him and he had an emergency op last night to clear the blockage. He’s been on a ventilator and sedated. :cry:

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My twT ex boss went to his daughters kindegarten leant forward to pick something up his foot slipped on a snail
Broken 4 bones in his lower leg wont be driving for 6 months.
Yours is a mere flesh wound…

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The kid eventually asking for the money to repair her roof after the lsst hurricane took it off.

Why did she not ask earlier?

Went to get the old BMW out of the lock up the other day, after a week or two in there.

There was a fucking snail on it. :rage:

FFS. :unamused:

You would have only taken it out dogging and the bonnet would have got a different snail trail on it

I got my Jalopy out to clean it before taking it on a run in the sunshine and it threw a clutch thrust bearing, driving out of the garage. :lou_facepalm_2:

It’s an engine out job next week…two mates are coming round to help me…collective age 221. Must be the oldest work crew on record. :rofl:


You coming up to the fête today mate?

Yep, about 1.30. Are you exhibiting or just going fot the ice cream. :slight_smile:

Not this year, remember that restraining order :cry:

Yeah…forgot about that…she’s not there again this year is she…Gypsy Rose Lee in the Tea Leaf Reading Tent?
She’s a bit of a con if you ask me, she tells everyone they’re gonna die. She’s still claiming 100% success rate.


There’s some nice cars here.

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Trying to stay awake for the Boxing…

Is NOT easy