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Government figures just released show that 600 homeless people died on British streets in 2017, an increase of 24% since 2013. The housing secretary James Brokenshire claimed government policy was not responsible for the rise in rough sleeping, which has officially increased 169% since 2010 but is believed to be much higher. All together now – Austerity, we’re all in it together.


It’s a fucking national disgrace.

In my simplistic view on life, a Country cannot call itself civilised unless it can offer shelter and food for it’s citizens.

All the while, the likes of Alan Shearer get paid £500k a year for talking bollocks about football.


Maybe if you all redirected your Sky/BT subscriptions to Homeless Charities.
Shearer et al would be out of work and become homeless…


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Bojo arrested for treason

If only



You would think with his family cash and getting rich of various ‘schemes’ he could afford a fucking suit that fitted properly… not sure if there is anyone who I think is more of cunt than BJ, although Moog, Gove and Farage are on the same level on the cunt scale…

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick

He’s rich because he never spends his own money…the suit was probably handed down from his grandfather.

Rich cunts 101


It’s RT so probably not happening.




Next time you get no help from the police after being burgled/mugged, remember they are very busy tasering pensioners or even more important things like this.

Get down your local concervative club and demand they take down the highly offensive pictures of Thatcher :wink:





Not sure where to put this.
It’s quite right about the far right paraphanelia available. Seen a lot around the place when I’ve been in Italy. Always stayed away from the stadium in Rome whenever there was a match on as it was just a bit aggressive.




Is the yellow vest the new Guy Fawkes mask


Whatever you do, don’t say that next summer, or you and your stone cottage might well be.


On a non yellow vest subject, it seems little Gav is on a world tour of talking shit. First he was in Ukraine with the Nazis and HMS Echo, shouting at anyone stupid enough to listen. Then he announced a British trade war with China(why, we don’t compete with them).
Now we get this madness.

“‘For so long – literally for decades – so much of our national view point has actually been coloured by a discussion about the European Union. This is our moment to be that true global player once more – and I think the armed forces play a really important role as part of that.’