🛩 Drone over Gatwick

Meanwhile whoever is FVCKING up Christmas for 1000’s of people at Gatwick deserves to be shot.
Of course that carnage will impact all over the place and all airlines.

They have devices that they could buy that when you “shoot” the drone, it disrupts the signal and flies directly back to the operator or you can nuke the GPS which means it lands itself immediately

I reckon the fuckwit who is doing this is going to get the max penalty as a deterrent

The Stansted 15 protested peacefully but charged with endangering a plane (or something like that). So sure the person with this drone will all be charged with that.

A known risk.
Tech exists that can jam signals.
Not bought.
The poor sods affected Inc some of my mates entitled to no compensation other than unavailable replacement seats on full flights or a refund. Family of 4 stuck there supposed to go to Madeira. BA cannot route them and has no seats, no refund on hotel costs.
I got fvcked by Ryanair in the summer and yes I got a refund but not the cost of a new ticket nor the cost of cancelled car rental.
I had Premium travel insurance from World Nomads they said fvck off as well.

Can anyone get any odds on the Drone driver being a Russian National when they finally release cctv some time in mid March?

Get on to Bellincrap…I’m sure they can arrange something.:lou_lol:


Should we expect two more pictures to appear on a certain wall?
It’ll definitely be Russian interference at the least and we’ll have a new law on drones(they have been a nuisance for some high level secretive liars), all because of those pesky Russian(or so we’ll be told).



All we need now is for some Tory to assure us that a Drone captured the actual sound of Corbyn saying Woman…


And a serious question. Why the FUCK did it take almost 20 hours for the Cops to ask the Army for help.
And how the FUCK has it taken the Army 4 hours to not solve the problem?
If thus had been happening at SAS HQ in Hereford does anyone not believe it would have been gone away by now?



Replies to this…


Accidentally posted in t’Brexit thread

“From reading the BBC and such like:

Apparently the police / army could have taken out the drones last night but were worried about stray bullets hurting someone.

Then there was the news that the army had capabilities to deal with the drones - hmmmm

Latest is the army has been called in but the situation isn’t believed to be terrorist related…ffs.

Fucking inept.

Luckily I have my tinfoil hat on so I’m immune to all the whacko conspiracy theories…phew!”

F’ing brilliant

Almost did a little wee


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Is this one of those "what they say - what they really mean things?
It’s an easy one, if it is.

We’re shit shots, so it’s a bit risky.

I know we said that, but only in very limited situations(drone on ground, no more than 5ft away).

We can’t shoot it until it lands, so it’s no big deal. Can move on please, it’s all a bit embarrassing(anyone know where he gets his batteries from. Longer lasting than the best the MOD have).

Has there been an announcement from little Gav yet?

Still shut Military not able to do anything, it’s still being seen. No photos of it though.
Maybe it’s ET?

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It is a bit strange to say the least. I know absolutely nothing about drones, but i was reading the report in yesterday’s Times which included a long letter from an expert. Apparently the battery life on even the most expensive and sophisticated drones is about 20 minutes, then they return to the handler. Yet this one was reported to be active for hours on end. Also they are supposed to have built in technology that renders them inactive and return them to the operator when they go anywhere near an airport. So this one is clearly not a run of the mill drone. Very strange that after 2 days of these sightings no one has a photograph. Clearly there has to be more to this than the public are being told.
Absolutely wretched for the poor traveller’s who have had their holidays ruined, it must be a nightmare being stuck in an airport for days on end. I blame Jeremy Corbyn!


None of it fits does it.
A drone that the MOD would kill for(just for the battery).
Multiple sightings, but no pictures.
The bullshit statement about stray bullets, that 2 seconds of consideration, leaves me asking, do they know how fucking big Gatwick is? They closed it, but are telling us that somewhere covering such a large area had nowhere safe to fire up into the sky.
They’ve learnt from the Salisbury farce and are now putting the story out to gauge the reaction, before they scream RUSSIA.