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mmmm…I wonder…


Anyone else got loads of gammon left over from christmas?


Not Charlie on the Charlie I hope :-


England Footballer?

Can’t be Charlie


Team in poor form…
Narrows it down a bit.


Fuck, just down the line from me

It’s Surrey ffs!!?


This could go in a fair few threads. The (lack of)Integrity Initiative have their grubby little fingers in so many pies.

Labour supporters might be interested in this.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters will surely see the true value of the following documents.”

Lots about the Russian father and daughter that were set upon(and probably murdered) by our SS, smear campaign against RT, “correcting Journalists”, the lies about Russia and a whole list of other countries. Even (shh)Pablo Miller, Sergei’s handler is involved with them, but don’t mention his name, as there’s a D notice on it, because no knows who he is yet :lou_facepalm_2:
There’ll be a lot of articles about this over the next few days but unfortunately very little in our msm(corrected Journalists).


Suspect arrested, thankfully.


No surprise there!

When they purposefully sat me and my partner at separate ends of plane as we wouldn’t pay for prebooking seats that was it for us.

We used jet2 the other week. Much nicer experience all round.


Either a post Xmas immaculate conception or very disturbing (I’m going for the latter)


I don’t think anything could get sicker than that. :lou_sad:


That’s what I thought too.


At least a DNA test will reveal the culprit…hopefully.


Last time me & Mrs C_S flew Ryan Air (back to the old country to be sure, to be sure, begorra etc) we were let on the plane at the back while people were still leaving at the front . No effort made to clean the aircraft and the floor was littered with food wrappers and crumbs etc. The plane was still late leaving…


Ryanair are shocking. £750 out of pocket due to them.
Yet they fly routes others doing so for 2 hours of annoyance I have to put up with them.
Until Wizz Air come to Krakow that is



Shh, it’s not happening, as the BBC and guardian aren’t covering it. Doesn’t matter that the documents are out there, it’s clearly a Russian distraction(while they take over the world).


The first 3 releases of documents from the (lack of)Integrity Initiative have been looked into by Paul McKeigue, David Miller, Jake Mason, Piers Robinson(didn’t they try to discredit his work and just showed themselves up as the liars they are).
Some worrying points raised. Here’s just a few.

These activities:

are not the charitable purposes set out in the Institute of Statecraft’s constitution, and are not charitable purposes in general.

violate the accepted principle that government funding may not be used for partisan political purposes.

indicate that the Government has misled the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee about the scope of the Russian Language Programme of the Conflict Security and Stability Fund.

indicate that military units specialized for information warfare are now participating in covert manipulation of political discourse at home, subverting parliamentary government.

have contributed to narrowing the range of public discourse so as to marginalize reality-based evaluation of policy options for relations with Russia and evidence-based assessment of events in which Russian involvement is alleged.

There are serious concerns about the transparency of the Institute for Statecraft (formerly the Institute of Statecraft and Governance):

Its registered corporate address is a derelict building in rural Scotland which is being demolished


Don’t think this is going to go away. Alan Duncan’s head might explode if his last performance in the Commons is anything to go by.