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Meh. You asked why. I said we already had.

You then gave a fantastic demonstration of why “Brits don’t seem to riot”. Namely, they do, but they’re scrotes.

If you don’t want to talk about Brexit on every thread, I’d advise not introducing the topic.


Finally. I still get asked to fax things. Maybe some of the GPs will sort secure emails (in 20 years time).


the fax machine I used to send referrals by at the General was completely flipping useless, resulting in many referrals never being received, the online service now is a total ballache but at least you know the referral is on the system.


Not so much silver surfers as silver snurfers:


Did all our posters return safely from their Caribean cruises?




SNIIIIIIIIFFFFF…all enquiries should be made via our Lawyer.

Thank you.


Better call Saul!!




mmmm…borders the US, is upping oil production and has a newly elected socialist government. What could possibly go wrong?




I think i can help them with this bit.

A “Charles Hart” is listed as the chairman of the Institute for Statecraft, but no photo is available to confirm that Hart was the same “Charles” that Elmaazi met.

Get on the phone to bellendcat. They can find anyone’s picture and also manage to find it in a location that suits any narrative you like(as long as it’s Russia).
No doubt our wonderful msm are all over this with their best people. Hold up, according to the BBC and guardian, that is bellendcat :lou_facepalm_2:




UAE Side Al Ain have just beaten River Plate on penalties in the FIFA World Club Championship in Abu Dhabi.
Equally, one of our krew is working the gig and we have a new signing…

We actually think that last one is really cool.
Especially the post signing selfie but not allowed to post that and don’t go paste that pic anywhere else it’s a Sotonians exclusive.
20 grand a week as well straight swap for Hoedt. Honest…


So. Jake Hesketh could be playing against Citeh for a place at a Wembley final.

Unless we recall him


Looks like Burton have booked themselves 2 bumper pay days no matter the draw, fair play :lou_smiley:


Oh look. Burton drew Citeh, what a surprise…