⚽ The January transfer window thread

:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Is there a thread you won’t ruin with this bollocks, you one note twat?

If Sotonians were an orchestra, you’d be playing the triangle.


You’d be the whopper on the glockenspiel who’s mallet end always fell off…


Fuck sake, can you guys, and I mean ALL of you, stop ruining every thread with your petty snipes and digs.

It’s getting tedious and boring and putting even me off!


Thanks for saying what we’re all thinking @BTripz. Bravo. Just wish that @pap and @Barry-Sanchez could be restricted to their own dark corner of the forum where we need not go. It is truly tiresome and whilst it’ll be cited as free speech, “you don’t have to come here” and “that’s what a forum is all about”, it’s not and it’s shite.


So we’re fine with Putin making an appearance on the fucking transfer thread, are we?

As you were then chaps. He’s all yours to manage.


Might be an improvement on Long up front tbh.


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And we’d win every game 35-0.


And referees would give every marginal decision to us


For fear of ground invasion (literally) and a renaming of the stadium.


We have a wonderful post flagging system that never gets used.

I’m going to start using it - I suggest others do too.



Something is missing :thinking:


Do you reckon Messi’s been shopped out?



It’s just a shame that it’s not for real. I’d love to see what Boofs could do for us under Rabbitman’s tutelage. Just one more time … for old times sake. You never know ?


Yeah, yeah, old news. Whatever.



Greatly understated player in his prime for us. Knitted everything together in midfield and was a top pro.

I’m happy he got to go home.



The consummate professional…never a moment’s doubt that he would give 100%.
Sad to see anyone like that go.