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:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Forster needs to move, he needs to move a club outside the top flight where there is no where near as much pressure, he looks a troubled soul when playing and I don’t want him to play for us again as it can’t do his mental state any good.

I wish the lad all the best and we should look to getting him out to a League 1 team where he can rebuild.

His health is far more important.


A new striker would be handy.


Indeed. @Goatboy should read the Liverpool Echo for Saints coverage.


Isn’t there a useful Argentinian playing in Spain getting decent reviews?


Guido Fawkes or something like isn’t it? I think a few of us have said we’d like to see him back to see how he fares in Ralph’s team, he was never given a chance under Puel IMHO.


Well at least he’ll be in front of Austin in the sprints at Staplewood. Just.


Hmm, let’s not get carried away…


That is not ideal.


Well, Redmond seems to have found his shooting boots so it may not be too bad.


Well, if it is the case that he was suffering from depression then it wouldn’t just be training, as presumably he’ll have undergone a shedload of treatment and therapy. With confidence and self-belief come all manner of benefits; a key feature of depression (actual, clinical depression that is) is the total lack of either.

All that said, it’s only a rumour.


Need a striker? Josh Maja is the man apparently(us and everyone else).
Could we swap him for Long?


Tbh we could swap Long for Mr Blobby


Long looks completely out of place and on a different wave length now the team have a plan.
This kids about £5m. Could we get that much for Long?


Tbh getting nothing for Long would free up wages.
Not wanting to go full Bazza but running around with such poor control is so Branfoot ers


What do you think? Say it that again.

Could Shane Long get sold for £5 Million?


So we sell Gabbiadini, give Long away and buy one striker. That would free up a big pile of cash in wages(especially if the incoming player is a youngster like Maja).
Next, can we give Hoedt away as well. That’s another big chunk of wages.
Then can we spunk it all on a CB.


In the football world anything is possible, however unlikely :grin:


Your fever seems particularly high today Barry.
Time for your medication i think.


No fever son, you must have ebola if you think or mention Long can go for £5 Million.


Reread it Barry and when that doesn’t help, get one of your kids to explain it to you.