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:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Hope this copies ok. On the club site, if it doesn’t.


Always rated SD - great player, did a lot of the ugly work that people often don’t appreciate.

Wish him all the best



So it appears it is a sell before buy policy, the obvious issue is clubs won’t buy the players we want to get rid of for the money we want as quite frankly they’re shit.


So, Cedric good enough to be selected as a Portuguese international, is shit?

How do you figure that out?

He may not fit into the Saints team currently but he’s not really shit, surely?

What’s your definition of shit?


Carlton Palmer played for England, Ali Dia for Southampton, your point?


My point is you talk a pile of shite Barry. You’re just out to get a reaction. I’m not sure what you really think about anything.


So you want us to keep him?


I think Cedric’s problem is that he thinks that he is too good for Saints. His performances suggest that his heart’s not really in it and after hearing from someone on this site who knows him, it seems he’s probably wanted out for some time. Also, apparently he’s thick as mince.
I reckon we’ll get a few quid for him and it will free up some wages.


You know I didn’t say that. Out to get a reaction again Barry?


Sly Sports: 19:44 (My time)


Sampdoria have offered a loan deal with an obligation to buy worth £10.75m for Southampton ’s want-away striker Manolo Gabbiadini , according to Sky in Italy.

The Serie A club are desperate to bring Gabbiadini back to Italy, but the deal hinges on them offloading Poland international striker Dawid Kownacki first.

Gabbiadini joined Southampton from Napoli two years ago for £14.6m. Sampdoria face competition from Real Betis.


Baz says all of our players are shit. And the manager, whoever that may be at any time. Until such time as a player plays well, or a manager shows that they might know what they are doing.
Which shows that Baz is wrong. This is then usually followed by Baz saying “so you all think [player X] is a world beater then? Deluded”

Repeat ad infinitum.


Sly Sports? I like it.


Can’t say it was a typo…:lou_lol:


That’s not true at all, rate our manager, we’ve average players and we were a poor team under Hughes, if Hassenhuttl gets us to an average team he’s served his remit.


I can’t see how anyone can disagree with this. We have possibly 2 or 3 who could prove better than average with better players around them. We have the best manager we could hope for now. if we can scrape over the line to summer and keep the manager and give him some rope then we are back to square one when we got promoted. Its got to be pretty obvious we need new players this Jan

If we survive in the PL that then it will be an exciting run in to May and give us the opportunity to build. By exciting I mean winning games simple as that. Only potential problem is the owners and how much they are all going to screw (£) the club for. It’s in their hands in many ways


He’s upped the player ratings from shit gutless hairdresser, to average, so that’s a change of direction and i’m sure most welcome it.

What’s average? Mid table premier league kind of player? Fair starting point i’d say.
Important bit. Who? I’m really interested in others views on this. I’d say more, because Ings Armstrong, Redmond and Højbjerg jump out(to me) but i see a fair few others that just need a return to form(might not happen admittedly) and some very promising youngsters(i’ve said it multiple times, but Valery is going to be class).

We certainly do. Fucking happy days :grin:

Disagree with just about all of this. I think we’ll finish 12th-14th(optimistic) and if you think our squad(Age needs to be considered) is no stronger than then, my optimism is to much, or your pessimism(understandable to a point) is.

One maybe two, depending on departures. That’s all(for this window).

We’ll win games and be away from the relegation zone by the end of Feb, start of April. Money available has already been stated and i doubt that’ll charge by the summer, so don’t hope for a change there.
I only came on this thread to say we’re buying Ademola Lookman. Seriously, it’s all over the msm, so it’s true :joy:


We won’t be the newly promoted Saints from the Championship. No disrespect to Adkins, but the time since has suggested that the backing and budget he received were factors in his lower league success. The job got too big for him. Already fits Hasenhuttl like a glove.

I also reckon we’ll have a team which will be more suited to the manager’s style of play and the challenges ahead. The Premier League will not be a mystery or as daunting as it was back then either.


They were hairdressers 4 seasons ago but they also had some serious skill, these fannies don’t deserve that accolade just yet, Star Wars is out you know, its great.


Has Gao won the Euromillions then? If so that probably deserves its own thread.