⚽ The January transfer window thread

:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Early? Yup.



Wages might be an issue?


I saw he was unhappy a couple of weeks ago (think it was the EFL cup game) and thought he’d be perfect for us.

Sould suit @Barry-Sanchez’s criteria as well, not money ball, established etc. etc.

But, as @SaintBristol has said, wages may be an issue.


He’s coming towards the end of his career and may just want to play some football. He isn’t getting a sniff at the moment so maybe he’d fancy a move. A signing on fee may just make up for a drop in wages.

Ordinarily I’d suggest clubs like Everton, West Ham and Leicester making a move for such a player but I’m not sure any of them need another centre back.

It is a very un-Southampton like signing on paper but we could definitely do a lot worse.


The Southampton way is a failure for Southampton fans and now the club itself, fuck that way, buy assured quality whatever age and whatever sell on fee.


To be honest I have to agree with @Barry-Sanchez

It’s all well and good bringing through youth and overseas unknowns with no premier league experience but Saints also need to buy in some proper quality, especially someone who knows that the oppositions goal is where you put the ball. And maybe someone who knows how to stop the opposition doing the same to us.


Bazza always talks sense, people are too proud to admit it, fans in shirts too tight for them believed the media and the way we were going, doomed to failure, you can’t keep selling your best players and hope to get better, how fucking obvious is it?

The bells at the club spout anything and we are supposed to believe the drivel. they charlatans and liars, Gao is only here for the money and he has been sold a right old pony ha ha, serves the whopper right.




We are saved!


Hughes will bench him, if he’s lucky and persist with our current crop of goal shy wankers


'Tis a worrying trend that we seemingly cannot buy anybody to improve our first team. Arguably Ings aside.


We haven’t actually bought him…