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:soccer: The January transfer window thread


I’ll just leave this here Baz.

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Shop window innit (as it was last season) (and will be until he leaves/retires/proves Captain Wrong correct).


Lets come back to this in the summer, my guess is his gone this window.


Funny how you believe local media as you agree with it over other news…


Is this the first time a manager has told the honest truth about a player in the transfer window?


So he was ‘gone’ last summer. Now he’s ‘gone’ this winter, and we’ll revisit it in the summer.
It’s easy to be right when you keep guessing isn’t it?


Has he signed a new contract, shown intent to stay?



2 and a half years left on current contract and he’s nearly 30. Do you want to just pay him more now for the sake of it?


Of course not, it makes sense with his performances, his “injury” and clubs wanting him that we’d sell as Kruegar has hinted before a sell before you buy policy.


I don’t reckon he’ll be gone in this window. We may look to move him on in the summer if we can get a few quid for him and Ralph has a (younger) replacement in mind.


The club has reported he has had minor back surgery, what makes you doubt this?


Perhaps that’s Targett and he’s trying to gee him up?

It’s got to be either motivating or demotivating for Targett to hear that.

Perhaps that’s what Hutch wants?


Personally I don’t think Bert has got it in him to ‘go again’ under a new manager.

Hope I’m wrong but even with the armband under Hughes he was swinging the lead.


Until we see the medical notes we will not believe it. And the bloody swabs for DNA matching please.


I have noticed twice now, Ralph calling him Matt while calling others by their surname(in print, so possibly not). I think he likes him.



Ties in with the rumours


What rumours?


Believable until he said he has impressed RH more than McCarthy and presumably Gunn too.

To be true he must have regained significant confidence and mobility from training alone which sounds unlikely. He’s not even featured in a match day squad.

The first bit could be true though.


The ones we discussed