⚽ The January transfer window thread

:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Rumour not fact as you implied


Holy shit. A clean sheet!
Tbh Gunn had saves to make, all were pretty routine, but we tend to expect of them to be let in.
Maybe means Macca can earn us some cash this month.


More likely Forster going out on loan somewhere and freeing up some wages.


Ralph rumoured to want pace and a CB.
IF I was boss I’d want a Danny Ings with pace (Thanks Chaz & Shane)
Mane esque pace to challenge Redmond, a footballing CB with pace.
Now press the black box button & get them in


No shit Sherlock
Even Bazza was right about us needing more pace




I’d take a bag of chips for him. Phil, can your resolution be to not quote Alex Crook as he is a cunt?


Or just quote “Alex Crook is a cunt”?


Good luck with that Saints.


How the mighty have fallen :-


Put those on the lists as well, we’re going to need more paper…


Thats another two to the list, we’re going to need more paper for my bang on the moneyness…


Playing the law of averages that if you name everyone and every scenario then you’ll be bang on the money?



Sad to see Davis go. Bit faded in the EPL. He’ll do a great job back at Rangers though :wink:


He he. Had a chuckle over this one. He still has to dislodge the current incumbent though…:lou_facepalm_2:


Did Ralph really say this.

“We want to give him the chance to make the next step,”


All for £15m?
His shot taking is very much like Armstrongs, he’s quick, agile and runs all day. Wonder if they’ll consider taking Long/Hoedt/Forster in px?


Bournemouth have also signed Solanke from Scousehampton for 19 mill


With Defoe going to Rangers apparently


He said those exact words in his press conference.

But he was talking about helping Steven Davis go to Rangers.

Not sure where this article or the apparent Sun article made the connection to the Japanese mush.


Thanks for clearing that up. I read it in HITC and wondered why he would say it, unless the player had already signed. Otherwise he’d just be putting the price up.
I’d take the lad though :wink: