:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Nation hater I think I used, traitorous as opposed to a traitor as well I believe.
Come on comrade its obvious where your loyalties lie.


Definitely traitor(plus all the others you mention and loads more), all for having the nerve to point out a very obvious lie.
Keep the faith Barry and never ever question, no matter how implausible the bullshit gets.


Will do.


Jeez, this country is fvcked.
Talking with family members last night, explained how I need to register at an address in Poland before Brexit just went purple and off on a mega dont you mention Brexit in this house rant.
Holy crap, so needing to do something because of the implications oof Brexit now causes offence?
Oh my word.




“Released” Seventeen, surely?


Not sure if this has been put up already or not.


Brilliant… ‘‘my anus will be…’’ :joy:


Stocked up on Sausages & Gammon Joints, extra mature cheddar & stilton.
Solved the English Mustard shortage & carry on conundrum by buying the powdered tins.
Should last until the shitstorm gets sorted out


Are you seriously stocking on English sausages?

You live in the EU, you get Merguez, Toulouse, Wursts, chorizo, Morcilla

Why waste time with a English rusk filled monstrosity.



What a load of wank


Which is all I am likely to get on the 14th


Should go in the made me chuckle thread. Love sausage. :rofl:


Poor Nigel :joy:


Yep. Kielbassa every day, but not for my fortnightly full English Satyrday brunch.
Tried it, just not right





One has officially Brexited.
I can now live in Poland and have kind of a National Insurance number.
My Immigration submission is in process, which then lets me get a tax number, so not allowed to work here yet.
Mrs D_P currently sorting hers out.
The entire process has been smooth and quick. The only delay was because we had to get a “new” Marriage Certificate as of yesterday provibg we were still married.
Tomorrow we try to get me a bank account.

Brexit is easy, come on in, the water’s wonderful!



You’re like those people that promised us all unicorns, when reality is more like.