:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


You still under the delusion that this stuff is fair game for jokes or helpful to the debate?


We are stuck is a rut… because all the MPs have not got a scoob as to what the people would or would to be prepared to accept with a deal, but most probably agree a deal would be good… however, MPs are unwilling to provide any leadership as they are worried how it will be viewed by the public… add to that their own ambitions and political shenanigans and we have a bit of shit going nowhere… I suggest Tusk is as fucked off with the idiocy of the ‘negotiations’ as everyone else.

It was a tongue in cheek comment (How could it not be) but as Nothalf said, typical UK media blow it into something it aint…


Was he? I don’t think he was, was it forced?


I couldn’t really give a shit what he says, he has his opinion and thoughts, I’m happy with that as it certainly hasn’t helped him, laughing at the end simply shows what shithouses some people are, it makes people more resolved.


Looking a very deliberate comment this morning, and msm bought it hook line & sinker and ignored the more important comments about finding a workable agreement.


When Farage says he’s having a shit snowflakes from all over the Country going into a gammon like rage.
Didn’t Skin call him an Ex Nazi on This Week, fucking hell the liberal elite can say what they want and yet they don’t realise in their stupor that those names harden peoples resolve, I’d cut the Country in half and fuck the South off with the bankers, soulless towns and grey people.
We’d be alright, its not as if the South hasn’t fucked over the North and elsewhere for 100’s of years.


No-one takes anyone seriously who uses the term ‘snowflake’… I bet you like ‘political correctness gone mad’ as well.

As to your North/South rants - they are rather amusing I suppose.

Oh and I have no idea if Farage is a Nazi or not, but suspect he may well have been one of Moseley’s boys had he been around then, and Nazi or not, he is still a cunt


I couldn’t give a shite about snowflake, you are if you suffer consistently from mock shock indignation and call everyone a fascist or nazi as you can’t get your way.
You’re going to have to come to terms with it buttercup, you’re going to be living in a Country you don’t like.


No one listens or watches the MSM now anyway, no one cares (unless it agrees with their agenda), I’ve just watched the actual footage from Marv in the Mountains and Tusk actually says he’s a legend and he’s on the ale tonight…


Everyone arguing about who said what and ignoring what they’re doing.

On Monday Shadow Business Minister Bill Esterson told the House of Commons that he was alarmed about what he and others describe as a growing trend of government ministers trying to avoid scrutiny.
He told BI this week: “Small committees are being used to bring in drastic changes using a process designed for mainly technical, non-controversial adjustments. Major changes to the statute book are being pushed through with minimal debate, in committees that are stacked in favour of the government.”
The Labour MP added: “This lack of transparency and limited opportunity for scrutiny is deeply concerning and could have very serious implications.”


Then frankly he is a fucking idiot because his underlying message got lost.


Every time you open your (on-line) dim wit gob, you sound more extreme and ridiculous. One thing about living here that is fun is laughing at twats like you getting all hot under the collar about liberals - what they trying to do spoil your fun? Stop you spouting bigoted bollocks whenever you like? Your online (I am outraged at liberals position) is past its sell by date ‘sunshine’


Vacuum… and mis-direction. No different to Trump being the distraction in the US whilst the real change is driven by right-wingers out of the media glare…

… Its the REAL driver behind the Tory split on Europe, fuck all to do with Sovereignty and democracy (as evidenced by their EU passports and Irish businesses), all to do with creating chaos to bring about change that otherwise would not be palatable to the British public…


What bigoted bollocks? I am far from a bigot, you however…


You appear to have just described yourself there, Barry.




Yup, but to be fair, that is mostly because none of my ancestors served in the Wehrmacht.


I believe you have called me both, as well as traitor and various other childish names.
Don’t worry, i will let you get away with it, as your mock shock snowflake indignation is quite amusing.


Grandad @pap?

Unfortunately there are two sides to all families.