🏝 Barry Island has disappeared (but it's still home to the whopper 🍔)

:desert_island: So we’ve all been to Barry Island over the last week or so and some of us have enjoyed our visit and some of us have found the views to be not to our taste. :hamburger:

The problem is that with every post moved there or with every funster’s reply, the rest of us have to see it in the latest posts view.

No more.

Barry Island posts no longer appear in the latest topics view (the home page for most of us).

This will be a godsend to many of us but If you’re one of a select band of hardy travellers that wants to go to Barry Island every time something happens there, then fear not - you can still get there.

Here’s the link…

…and if you want to be notified of activity on Barry Island visit the topic then click the notifications setting icon…

…and then select the appropriate notification setting…

Then if there is activity on Barry Island, you’ll receive a notification…

…so you can stay in touch.

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It’ll still be watched more than most of the self important cod shite on here.

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Many apologies the previous 4 posts (now moved) were moved here in error.

They have now found their resting place on Barry Island - Home of the whopper