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Enter at your own risk!


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Since the takeover how do you think its gone?
Did Liebherr sell to her friend, sell as there was no one else or sell as it was the best deal for the club or simply even her?
Do you think any progress has been made or we know what the goals and aspirations of the club and board are?
Do we know as fans what direction the club are trying to go and get to?

I can’t give any higher than a 2/10 and that is only because we got Hassenhutl.

You lazy c&p cunt.
To answer your questions(still disappointed).

  1. Been a bit cold lately, but generally mild for the time of year.
  2. Probably best to ask Kat, but I’ll go for a mixture of 1 and 4.
  3. Yes to both.
  4. Again, yes.
    2/10 and one of those for getting Ralph, so 90% blame goes to Gao for everything else.
    Players must be getting better then :grin:

Have, er, we cleared this with legal?

I’m sure the Burger King people will have a thing or two to say about this so-called Barry Island.

This is Barry Island and here, Barry is the law.
So pass it on to him and advise BKs legal department that they might need to hire a few more people.


FFS Barry, keep it on topic

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Barry Island…where threads come home to die. :sob:


I went to Barry Island once…

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When i first saw the name of the thread (and Barry’s new home), my thoughts were not drawn to the undoubtedly beautiful resort in South Wales, but strangely, I conjured up an image of that largely forgotten TV show, Fantasy Island with Barry reprising the role of Tattoo. However, I can’t help but wonder who is the shadowy Mr Roarke though? :thinking:

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Archetypal Scouser IYAM



So did I & only once

Used to live in Cardiff and Barry when i was very young. There is a story of us at Barry Island in the water (in the late 70s) and a turd or condom floating by. Says it all.

Is that a euphemism for something we really shouldn’t want to know about, but do?

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I’ve checked Barry Island on Google Maps.

First things first, there are no Burger King outlets on the island, meaning that it’s free for Whopper housing purposes.

It does have a Quasar, which is so 1990s it hurts.

It’s perfect, really.


Jeez our resident lord of pedantry will have a field day reading those signs

Unleash the @Fowllyd

Reminds me of the first time I went to the old Southampton swimming baths - when they still existed- in the small pool, dropped in by my uncle right next to a massive brown log rolling gently on the bottom. Refused to go swimming for years.

Edit: I would add I was a lot smaller then

I think Barry should convince the in laws to release the Nazi thieved bullion in Argentina. He could buy the place.

Could you imagine it? He’d be in his pomp, strolling about declaring “I am Barry. This is my island”, before adding “and you son, are a whopper”

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Corrected for you :laughing:

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All a bit quiet tonight


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Its always quiet when I’m not posting, its like a Richard Briers sit-com…