🏏 :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019


I’m saying no.


Oh ye of little faith

9-0 at lunch



Tricky little mini-session there.

In a tricky little game.



Holder to Burns, OUT , oh good lord, he’ll make them play alright! An aberration from Burns, back of a length from round the wicket, but angled into the body. Burns leans back into a … what? A cut, an uppercut? But he doesn’t factor in the lack of pace, and it’s a simple flat-batted steer to Campbell in the slips!

RJ Burns c Campbell b Holder 16 (43b 2x4 0x6) SR: 37.20


Bairstow completely done by a little shimmy off the seam there. This could all be done in time to leave me a free afternoon tomorrow.


I’m going back to watching the egg chasers.


England are winning there


Nothing to see here.
Go have a beer, watch highlights of eggs being chased or BGT or Dancing on Ice, anything, just dont look at tge score


Fucking useless. Bunch of fucking hairdressers!


No shit…




Pretty even contest there, I thought.


Knee jerk much?


England have dropped wicketkeeper Ben Foakes and recalled Keaton Jennings for the final Test against West Indies


Windies won toss and decided to field.

England have survived the first 2 overs without losing a wicket!!



Yay, just what England need “play stopped due to rain”

5-0 from 5.1 overs


Paul to Jennings, OUT , floated up wide of the stumps, Jennings steers tamely to slip! Paul’s loosener brings him a fourth Test wicket, ending England’s really quite turbid opening stand. The tempter does for Jennings in the end, flashed to slip in regulation fashion

KK Jennings c Bravo b Paul 8 (43b 1x4 0x6) SR: 18.60


84/3 and so it begins


Stokes was caught and bowled for 52. He cursed his luck, trudged off throwing down his helmet and gloves and disappeared into the pavilion. Bairstow marches out to the middle.

In the meantime the review reveals an overstepping infringement and the call goes out for Stokes to return. He finds his helmet and gloves, shoves his bat under his arm and returns to jubilant cheers from the English fans.

Play on. :lou_lol:

223 - 4 Stokes not out 62 - Buttler not out 59


231-4 at stumps. Great recovery :+1::+1:


Slow run rate for the day though, maybe they’re being ultra conservative now.