🏏 :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019

3 test series kicks off today, before a 5 games ODI series and then a 3 game T20 series.

The Windies haven’t been on the best test form lately but you never know.

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doesnt start until 22:00 hours here so probably wont see a lot of this series.

Now even less after I got the time correct.

Windies won the toss and are going to bat first.

First wicket 53-1

Ali to Campbell, OUT , flighted, dipping as Campbell sweeps, skids into the pads - given! Campbell perishes by the sword! He consults with his partner before trudging off, DRS won’t save him here

JD Campbell lbw b Ali 44 (53b 8x4 0x6) SR: 83.01

Unbelievable. The utter BASTARD!

The mate that lets me Glamp at his pad for Glasto just pinged me a Whats App pic saying guess where I am.

I did dampen his mood by knowing exactly which stand he was in but still talk about gloating.

And I’m knee deep in boxes and spent today going backwards with most Government Departments & paperwork
I HATE him!

Lunch 89-1

Windies session methinks…

Windies are 217 for 4

Shouldn’t you be in bed

i am in bed :slight_smile:


Windies are 240 for 5

Chase went for 54

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Dowrich c Buttler b Anderson 0 (WI 250-6)

Windies are 256 for 6

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And at stumps they were 264/8, with the great Jimmy Anderson having taken four wickets for 33 runs from 24 overs. Phenomenal performance.


Day 2 :- first wicket of the day to fall 289/9

Anderson to Joseph, OUT , edged, gone, Anderson has five! He draws level with Botham on 27 England five-fors, and it’s a peach. Full length, climbing into the edge, a firm snick and a simple catch for third slip

AS Joseph c Buttler b Anderson 0 (22b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Hetmyer still in and scoring freely

Hetmyer gone for 81, Stokes get an edge as Hetmyer goes for a big heave.

289 all out

Stokes to Hetmyer, OUT , A big swish, a big nick, a tumbling take , and West Indies’ resistance is over! A massive mow over the leg-side, Hetmyer decided it was time to go big or go home, and Stokes’ swing does enough to find the edge. Four for him. Five for Anderson. The rest … not so much …

SO Hetmyer c †Foakes b Stokes 81 (155m 109b 9x4 2x6) SR: 74.31

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So Jimmy moves up alongside Botham with that Michelle - his 27th in Test cricket. There’s a good chance he’ll put a lot of records out of reach for future England bowlers.


Jimmy Anderson.

Fucking hell.

So what do we reckon, England 3 down before I leave the office at 5?

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What timezone are you in?

If you’re GMT then that gives us about 1 hr 10 mins of cricket action, so, in answer to your question, more than likely.

Ah Michelle Pfeiffer, I had to look that one up :rofl:

Every day is a learning day, even when you’re over 50.