🏏 :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019


Broad carried his bat for a score of 0


90 minutes to go. Broad fivefor in that time to embarrass the selectors further?


Its a fast’s wicket but its a shite test wicket even as bad as England have made it look, its a fucking bumpy back garden, shit if the Windies want to continue playing the format.


Watching Broad’s 1st few balls maybe the inswinger or is he suffering from a bit of Rolf Harris?
His Boomerangs won’t come back


Tbf, Broad really COULD have had a five for by now


Windies are certainly riding their luck this morning.

108-1 at the moment


Lunch 126-1



Ali to Brathwaite, OUT , turn and bounce, jabbed to short leg! Into the bread basket, Jennings in action under the lid again… and Brathwaite won’t be getting his fifty today! England had built a bit of pressure, though he’s not normally a man to let that fluster him, he was a long way across looking for a single to the leg side, but could only manage a deflection off the thigh pad

KC Brathwaite c sub (KK Jennings) b Ali 49 (156b 3x4 0x6) SR: 31.41


151-3, Hope bowled Broad


Next ball Chase get a thick edge that goes through where 3rd slip should be.

Next ball Chase gets bowled



If Broad hits one of his purple patches things could get interesting.


Oh my god, what a delivery that was!

I love it when the batter is so bamboozled that he ends up on his knees.


186-5, Hetmyer goes for another heave and mis-times it, Anderson sprints in from the boudary to snaffle a superb catch.

Ironic given that Hetmyer was dropped off of Anderson’s bowling in the previous over.


A little excerpt from the end of the article

On Friday, with the pitch showing increasing signs of variable bounce, the hard work of the England bowlers arguably deserved more than the six wickets they collected.

England dropped three catches - Jos Buttler two and Rory Burns one - and, according to Broad, the West Indies batsmen played and missed 103 times.

However, West Indies’ batsmen also showed admirable application, none more so than Darren Bravo, who is 33 not out from 165 balls and more than four hours at the crease.

“I don’t think we got the rewards,” Broad, who took 3-42 on his return to the side, told the BBC Test Match Special podcast.

"But if you look back at our last six or seven months of cricket, we beat India 4-1 at home when we won every toss and got the rub of the green.

"In Sri Lanka, we won every toss and won the series 3-0. It took a huge amount of skill, but the cricket was going our way.

“Maybe it has turned here. We’re still playing with skill and fight, but it’s not quite going our way.”


A wicket, we’ve finally got a wicket.


Anderson to Holder, OUT , snicked and there’s the breakthrough! Reward at last for Anderson, who finds some extra bounce on a waspish back-of-a-length, just a touch of movement off the deck, and Bairstow tidies up!

JO Holder c Bairstow b Anderson 22 (82b 1x4 0x6) SR: 26.82


289/8, Roach smoked

Actually caught in the slips


Almost there now. Kind of hope Bravo is still there at the end, he’s played excellently.



Joseph gone, bowled Stokes caught Burns in the slips!!!


Nice catch too.


306 all out lead by 119

Bravo stumped on 50

Will England survive to lunch without losing a wicket?