🏏 :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019


England bowled out for 277, last 6 wickets earning 45 runs :lou_facepalm_2:

Windies just lost 2 quick wickets and are 57-2


Oh, 59-4

Mark Wood with 2 wickets in the last 2 balls of his first over. The first balls he’s bowled in this series.


What a spell this is by Mark Wood


74-5, another Wood wicket from some seriously good bowling.

They’re off for tea


79-6, Wood again, Bravo gone


Throws into sharp relief the total fuck-up in team selection for the first two tests, the first in particular. How would they have gone with this England attack?



Moeen with his third, a Bairstow stumping


154 all out, Wood gets a Michelle


Remarkabky, got through to close if play without losing 3 wickets, or any in fact.
Roach & Shannon looked to be blowing as bad as Chazza during that spell, fingers crossed


73-2, poor Jennings with probably the most unlucky dismissal ever.

Jospeh bowls a loosener down the leg side, Jennings goes to tickle it down but misses, ball was going to miss the stumps until it hits his trouser leg which somehow manages to drag the ball on to the stumps!!

Some would say he shouldn’t have missed it but still…


It was the thigh pad wot done it! Seen it before.

Bye bye Jennings.


Blimey, 108/2 at lunch.


108-2, lunch, lead by 231

Yeah, commentators agree with you


208/3 lead by 331


And at stumps it’s 325/4, with Root on a Nelson and Stokes on 29. That’s a lead of 448 runs with two days to play. If Root gets to 137 not out his Test average will hit 50. Given the time available, I reckon he should do it.


Will he actually score another run being on a Nelson overnight?

How many batsmen have been out on that score?


Not sure on that - though the Nelson tends to relate more to teams than individual batsmen, it’s considered unlucky nonetheless. I guess if a batsman has knocked up a ton already bad luck would seem an odd way to look at it.

Apparently it’s called a Nelson because the great admiral had one eye, one arm, and one arsehole.


You cant call Hardy an arsehole


Masts on a ship surely… if one is being more prudish, and you know what a sensitive cunt I am


No, not masts, wickets without the bails i.e. out

This is quite an interesting read on it, for crickets nerds that is