⚽ 🏉 🏏 Why are English sports teams always the bridesmaid


Our sports stars will get accolades individually but we’ll never be taken seriously in any team sport until we win things, the Aussies win things so I take their sportsmen and thoughts over ours as we win fuck all yet continually say how close we’ve come, fuck that come back when you’ve won.

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:soccer: :trophy: Women's World Cup 2019

The aussies have a fabulous climate which encourages all kids to have an outdoor lifestyle, outside playing sports from an early age, which translates to success. And most importantly of course, absolutely no intellectual stimulation to distract them. :blush:


Once apon a time we did. Now it’s all technology and not playing sports for joy. All about money and status. Sad times for the young really.


Climate plays a part sure but so does mental strength, they seem to have it and we don’t, even at football where they have limited ability they always play punch above their weight.


I’d like to be a contender rather that a “plucky underdog”


But are we genuine contenders? I’d love us to be but don’t see it. We should be genuine contenders and we should never be outside the Worlds top ten due to population of players, interest, money and an ingrained culture of football, why aren’t we is the question?


I agree Bazz. It’s almost as if the Suits want to keep the English population in a state of anticipation and finally depression

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Footballers (male) coming to the National Team have now been in Academy systems since the age of 8. Along with the football side, they do have mental strength conditioning.
Also their education is supervised.
Outside of that bubble you have specialist private schools like Millfield who produce swimmers & rugby players at international level from the age of 11 upwards.
Cricket is also now ALMOST exclusively taught in “elite” schools- ie mental as well as basic games.
For other sports and the masses, it is pot luck. You have a good school or a good coach then you will develop- look at our Gold medal tally at recent Olympics.
But compared to for example the US System, the UK education system is geared to create teachers (#sweepinggeneralisation) whereas US create NFL Stars.
UK is improving Football is improving, cricket is. Equally eg Womens Basketball could qualify for their 1st Olympics next year.
Lottery funding and elite programmes are making a difference.

English Women’s WC team did not have the physical parameters- pace, stamina. Did not have technique - passing ability. Simply because the domestic game is not yet at a true full time elite sport level.
Last season the WPL or whatever started. Give them time.
Anyone outside the bandwagon bubble of the Lionesses could see those failings in previous games BUT the girls showed how they have improved.
In 4 years the development could make the next generation better actual footballers


The elephant in the room is will women now fed on the Premiership go to womens football? It can’t live on dads, wifes and the off fan, its the same sport but a different World in so many ways and I think in this Country probably more than most it wlll struggle to gain a genuine foothold in the nations culture.


When I was at school there were no girls playing football. It’s huge at schoolgirl level now.


Thats great and I am happy thats the case, I hope my daughter plays it but what is your point?


Read your post.

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And? Does that mean they’ll all watch the womens games? Time, money and loyalty are all factors. Will the mens game allow it?


Allow it? What the fuck are you on about? More and more young girls are showing an interest in women’s football. That’s all I’m saying. You seem to think womens football is dependent on men. That’s sad.


Didn’t you know, the frail little ladies need their mens permission. This is Victorian England.


Point being that the Soccer WC in USA in the 90s kicked off a huge uptake of football by GIRLS in schools They were way ahead of Boys football for many years in terms of numbers. MLS changed that dynamic big time.
Other EU nations had professional leagues but an English girl going to play was headline news .


Will the mens game allow their support to hemorrhage to the womens game, fuck sake.


Context, get off the pipe read above post.


If you ever went to a game you might realise that girls don’t make up much of the spectator numbers, so how exactly will it be the men’s game

And the usual projection.


I think the womens game can do without some of the numpties that go to the mens games (or sit at home whining like motherfuckers).