🗼 What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

:tokyo_tower: What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


Name me 5 nice areas in Southampton.


Bitterne Park
Terminus Terrace and surrounds
Bargate and City Walls
Chandlers Green
Ocean Village
Shamrock Quay
Upper Shirley


define ‘nice’.


I think he means something the solidly middle class Baz could aspire to. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Is this taking the piss?


Not a shithole.


Thanks for doing that. As a bit of a purist in regards to the town, I was not born in, I would take off Chilworth, Netley & Chartwell (?) Green. I worked for the council taking referrals so the boundaries were my thing.


I saw them as well, Bassett is ok but I can’t think of many nice areas after that.


And they missed The Waterside- geographically closer to central Southampton than most places in town…


Fine, but Barry doesn’t get to mention Formby, Roby or his beloved Halton. He also has to acknowledge that being from “Botley way” means he’s from nowhere.

On a Southampton level at least.


You not being able to think about something doesn’t mean its not true, farm boy.

I still think there’s a deep dark tale of you getting roughed up on a trip into town. Happens. Most of us put it down to ephemeral dickheads and get over it.


Lost the battle with this thread at post 47… did anyone resolve the issue about Bazza needing a nightclub for getting jiggy with it or whatever? I was left with this mental image of 1987 on Ramsgate Harbour where ‘Nero’s 2000’ was full of middle aged fat travelling salesmen in double breasted suits, looking to pull local stiletto heeled ‘loose’ younger ladies… Bazza is that what you are after?


… maybe that’s what Southampton needs now a club - called Bazza’s and Brazzer’s - you don’t get in without Jacket and tie, you need to drink fucking Cinzano or Malibu or whatever, drop £250 trying to pull Stacey who is 47 but tells you she is 32, before puking on on your slip on shoes … then heading back to the seafront B&B for a drunken wank before sleeping it off?

Sounds like a fucking excellent money making scam to me… Sotonians, let’s crowdfund this fucker! :man_dancing:t5:


It’s called Popworld.

It’s between Bedford Place and London Road.



(Asking for a friend)


It used to be the silhouette club - the scene of one of the most terrifying nights of my life, when as an 19yr old taken there by a few lads from the rugby team, and spent the night fending off the advances of desperate 40 something divorcees.


This sounds amazing, where is it? Brazzers would be an absolute goldmine I can tell you, bit of mompov and you’re on the way to riches…


What are you blathering on about now?


WTF is a mompov?



Defo not worksafe, you’ve been warned.