🗼 What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

:tokyo_tower: What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


Its a souped up scrambler, they take the c out of it and upgrade it with a t.




18th of July looks like a winner:


I’d imagine property prices have risen accordingly?


Southampton has even less now :-



Caps becasuse I NEVER NOTICED

Again plus fat fingers


The company that run the marina / ocean village have been praying for this to happen. They will redevelop. It will be be better.

And let’s face it, since Showcase turned up they were fucked


I rarely go to the cinema now. I find it usually too cold and extremely loud and there’s rarely a good film on.
But I used to head down there when younger pretty sure I had a fews first dates there too.




could go in the barely used Events in Southampton thread.
Now that we have a search tool maybe easier to put things in there!

I went to one of the Music in the City a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Less of the vaults being used this time it seems.




Oh dear, Poole is even starting to catch up with Southampton now

Mind you, an open air cinema in the town centre, how often is that going to be showing films?


Have to say I felt Poole town centre and that Dolpin Centre was a bit of a let down when I lived there. Though I was in vintage heaven in all the charity shops.


What’s happening in the jewel of the South this weekend?
Hedgehog spotting with Mike Bramble?
The highlife, the readings of the life of Marjoree Proops?
Craig David musical tour accompanied with Mike Osman?

They have something for everyone in Southampton…


Any of that is more than happens where i presently abode of Batangas city Philippines


Mike Bramble is a riot on the barley wine afterwards, he once after a few too many baked a hedgehog in clay for a demonstration of how Sotonians in the 70’s marked their wedding day…


Seems Southampton isn’t all that bad.


How many live in Southampton?


I’m sure it’s on google for you to find if you really want to know. I am not google.


From the census of 2011… 253,651.
…anything else you’d like to know?