What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?



The road we would love to move to.


You still banging on that tired old drum, you soppy tart?


Bazza is stauchly middle-class with asperations on the top 1%. How can us council house lads hope to compete. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Stauncly working class regardless of where I live, I’ll always be Labour.


Same here. i just don’t want to live amongst the grubby fuckers.


Wasn’t it you who held up Derby as an exemplar?

So, what you mean by ‘nice’ is gentrified, leafy, surburban, middle class tedium with the odd city park thrown in. I used to live in Allerton, not far from Calderstones Park. It was full of middle class twats who thought they were better than everyone else.

So, that’s what you mean by ‘nice’.


They’re nice areas but you are correct, I dislike the sharp elbowed middle class, I don’t really fit in and am only here by marriage, the good thing about our area is there is no litter, dog shit and broken glass, the bad are the ever so nice yet stab you in the back for a hummus slice or whatever thet eat.

Allerton is ok and exactly that or parts of it are, Calderstones is nice but Iove it by IM Marsh but you pay an extra £100,000 upwards for a bigger garden.

If you’ve lived here you know I could name 10 middle class areas in the City and 25 on the periphery, nevermind Cheshire etc etc, it does always make me chuckle when Southerners knock Liverpool and the North, on the outskirts of Southampton there are lovely places but in it?

There aren’t 5 genuine middle class areas in the City or nice spots I can think of.


But it’s grim and always rainining oop north in Madchester and Liverpool- according to Mrs CS

She’s a Mancunian and never wants to go back, ever…


If the north was so fucking marvellous, we would all fuck off up there, drive the house prices up and force you lot to live in the Shetland’s or somewhere. But it isn’t, and we haven’t, and we are still here and you have your cheap houses. Everyone’s happy.


Manchester has the worst weather by far if you don’t like rain, it gets caught on the pennines hence the cotton idustry (moist air), Liverpool is ok but its bland weather, I thought the UK was bland for weather but Liverpool is something else, grey for days doing nothing weather, I don’t shit weather as long as its doing something, just grey is well depressing.


And you’re in your 1000sqft £450,000 house, I am not happy I am laughing.


I love the threads where @barry-sanchez moans about the cultural devastation in Southampton. When he moves there, he’ll be in the footprint of a fossil fuel burning power station. The most impressive structure around is the Mersey Modal Gateway bridge, and that only exists to get people the fuck out of Halton.

It’s a toll bridge with no booths. That is how quickly people need to get out.


I’m linking this for no other reason than to save those extremely revealing words from being edited.


Did someone slip it up your wrong’un in Halton, you have a real distain for the place, why? Its nice, well Daresbury is. so is Hatton and Stretton, we may stay in Liverpool, Woolton by the church is lovely.


Am I showing my knickers?


Fuck me, Liverpool’s cheap isn’t it?


Welcome back Cherts!


It’s a shithole, and the bits of it that are nice, essentially the bits that no-one has bothered developing, have about as much culture as half a pot of yoghurt.

And you’re thinking of moving there.

Your critique of other places when that’s on your list of potential destinations is laughable. And you can stop complaining about things with no edge and all, my lad.

Every place you’ve listed is sleepy as fuck.


But I don’t want to live in a post apocalyptic max max style World where by people on strambler bikes rule the Earth, when you say culture and there is none in Halton/Cheshire what are you blathering on about? Just there or the Countryside? What has Norris Green got that Daresbury hasn’t?


Point of order: wtf is a “strambler bike”?