🗼 What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

:tokyo_tower: What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


You, sirrah, offend me with your insinuation! Here, feel the virtual slap from my virtual gauntlet on your cheeks!

Pistols at dawn at the Sea City museum?


West Quay has an amazing maze now so suck that up Liverpool. <where’s the single finger spin on it emoticon?>


4 likes? This is grieve of Diana proportions…So so Southampton.


I quite like the idea of some pissed up twat inadvertantly taking a wrong turn into the maze and spending the rest of the night trying to get out


Punters have already said its shit, this is code for success in Southampton so expect this along with the authentic German Christmas market to become a feature…


It’s a temporary installation bazza. There have been a few on the same site ( turfed for Wimbledon etc.). Have a visit next time you are down. I like it.


Do you have a link, Barry?

Actually scratch that. I don’t think the general public can cope with a deep link into your imagination and fevered dreams.


It’s a kiddies attraction…adult’s opinions don’t count.


Damnit. Derby beats us again!



What does that mean? Earning a living is one thing, having a quality of life is totally another. Name me 5 nice Southampton areas?


Oooo an Internet quiz…I love quizzes don’t you. What are the prizes? :lou_lol:

No…don’t tell me…ahhhh, a weekend in Derby?


Corrected for you LITSL


5 Nice Southampton areas

Definition needs to be refined

Within the city limits

Within 20 mins drive (on a good day)

does not encroach on Portsmouth or Bournemouth.


When you’ve named us five nice places in Derby (or Liverpool for that matter), we might rise to the challenge.


I’ve got a serious question, as I don’t live in Soton, are there any nice beaches in Southampton? I’m spoilt by the beaches here in Bournemouth and Poole, in fact the beach is a 5 minute walk from my work place and I can see the sea from my office window.





My sister and brother-in-law live in Weston. He’s a nature photographer and says Weston Shore is not only clean but full of wild life.

Here it is last summer…


What has Derby got to do with it? I said it had a better night out than Southampton, it does, but there we go.








I could name many many more.


But would you be able to swim in the water, what with all the boats going up and down the channel and the shit they spew out…


Southampton is a container port that doesn’t employ the 1000’s it used to, the cruise liner is just an entrance and passengers do not stay in the City, would you if you were a tourist? Be fucked if I had come halfway round the World to stay in a City that took pride in an Ikea in its City centre and had queues round the corner for a Nando’s whilst it being splashed all across the local rag.