🗼 What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

:tokyo_tower: What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


That’s his yearly supply of underwear too.


I only wear female underwear.

It speaks to my individuality.

I have a TL bodywarmer (quilted waistcoat*/gilet) and a pair of grey TL lounge pants.

*Bletch pronounces this westcut.


I thought a Taco Bell was an amusement arcade… what is it? Cannot be arsed looking it up!


Lounge pant and gilet.

My how I’m looking forward to the Christmas do.


Every now and then something sets Barry off and he starts crapping on about how shit Southampton is. We get four pages of irritation and then it dies down again until something else crops up.

this thread is like herpes


I see you’re as good with populations as you are with everything else Bazza…

Belgrade: 1.3m

Berlin: 3.5m

Evissa is an island, but if you are seriously comparing places to Ibiza then there is nowhere on Earth that would live up to your high standards (which is strange, because you evidently set such low standards for yourself).

I think it’s pretty funny that you bemoan Southamptons night life for not having a superclub, and then can’t give an example of a similar sized place with a Superclub in England. And then you prove you can’t do it even if you include Europe!! You’re too much Bazza!


No in your ‘humble’, it WAS a better night out. I’m not sure why you’re using the present tense here.


I think Barry’s like herpes. Or Barry likes herpes. One of the two.


You’re too much saying Southampton has a superclub ha ha fuck me dead.


Fuck me…another Bazza thread Sotonians can be proud of. :lou_facepalm_2:


I’ll probably regret resurrecting this one.

But just seen this.


It could have also gone in teh anyone been to new west quay bit as similar discussion was had there if I remember right.


Its just a brand extension (20 other places as well were asked) and its still in the planning phase, lets see what comes of it, I laughed when he said Southampton has a vibrant club scene…


Went to Unity taproom last Saturday. Lush beer right in the microbrewery. Dead cool. They are doing an alternative christmas dinner on the 14th, pairing food with different beers.

It’s not Derby though :lou_sad:


That is a blessing in disguise


Oh how I go green with jealously when I look at Derby.


No its a grey boring dull place, Southampton for its size is gash, breezer anyone over a bit of hardcore steps…


The population of Derby is 248k. The population of Southampton is 253k. So, they are basically the same in terms of size. The problem Southampton has is the nearby presence of London. London sucks the life out of the Home Counties and the South in general, all the way across to Bristol. When I was a kid I had a choice. A night out in Southampton/Pompey or a trip to London. If I could afford it, I’d go to London.

But Britain is full of towns like Derby and Southampton. Just think Norwich, Milton Keynes, Swindon, etc, etc. They’re all a bit dull.

Anyway, Bazza, what are you complaining about. Yiou live near Liverpool and, in any case, you’re going out days are over for the next few years now you have a sprog.


True. but it doesn’t suck the life out of Brighton? I’m spoilt in Liverpool but yes at 42 with 2 kids my best days are long behind me, I still give it a nudge now and again and feel it for 3 days, a few people I know run bars in the City, Liverpool really is light years beyond most UK ones for things to do, nights out, restaurants, hotels and culture.

Southampton can’t compete with the big boys but show some ambition, a bit like football really.



:lou_facepalm_2: Tripz, are you deliberately goading Baz?