🗼 What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

:tokyo_tower: What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


Really? What would you do/where would you go on a pillar to post night out in Derby (including superclub)?


but it hasn’t got a tower tho Baz so it must be shit


Ha Ha Cherts superclub ha ha, classic,Oceana ha ha.

Derby Mile is infamous and well, quite good.


Nope, didn’t think you could.



Voted up Baz for the comments that accompany the article.

Fuck, they make us sound like intellectuals…


I had a good night out in Derby a few months ago, there’s an amazing Sushi restaurant hidden away there as well. Wouldn’t want to live there though.


Sushi cunt


Nearly shared the taco bell article myself. Not sure how I feel about Barry and I thinking the same.


Depends what you think about it…Barry just shared the link with no comment. The sort of thing that Batman on swf would do. And he’s a wanker.


Sorry my comment was Fatso is a wanker…


I disagree! I’m a cunt, not a wanker.


And there’s me saying the DE comments made us lot look like intellectuals




I’m still waiting to find out where I should go for an amazing night out in Derby? I’m off there at the end of next month following Baz’s recommendation, so I’m looking forward to going up their tower, eating in one of their many Michelin starred restaurants and dancing the night away in one of their Superclubs.


I fuckin’ love this thread


‘World famous restaurant chain’. It’s fucking Taco Bell. Is that seriously a newsworthy highlight? The Echo really are two bob wankers.


I’ve never had my manhood out in their presence!!


Don’t lie, Bob. It’s very unbecoming.


Our City, my City is desperate, we celebrate an Ikea in the City centre and now will have a carnival float in summer with all things Mexican showing Taco Bell tribute for coming to Southampton, the Avenue is changing I hear to Avenida and this is just the start, day of the dead isn’t needed for obvious reasons but hear are plans for a 4ft 2in pinata to be on the display with the mayor taking the first hit…


Cherts with your charisma and guile you could have a good time in Fareham on a Monday…