🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


When I getting ready to leave Uni I remember saying that the only thing I had to look forward to was nostalgia. And this is it.


Bedtime for me. I shall leave you with this one, especially for @saintbletch


Is that Mat’s brother?


I quite liked the album, I was a bit disappointed but I think that’s my own fault. I love them both individually, but perhaps I was expecting THE BEST ALBUM EVER. It was alright, just not as good as their respective solo output.

I’m also seeing Kurt soon, hopefully. I’ve had tickets to see him 3 times, and never been able to go. Was also meant to be at Glasto when he played but annihilated my knee so couldn’t go. I’m wrapping hyself in cotton wool until then.


He’s amazing. Caught a bit of him at Glasto and was blown away. Serious talent.



I think that’s the problem…i thought it was going to be the best album ever and that first single fed that thought. I guess it’s disappointment and ridiculous expectations more than anything else



Completely random tune on this weeks Better Call Saul.

Fucking ear worms!!!



Got rid of the ear worm at least- cheers @Goatboy


People of my age grew up with that song…constantly played on “Children’s Choice with Uncle Mac” BBC radio on Saturday mornings during the 1950s.

I’m singing it now… “Oooh the buzzin’ of the bees and the cigarette trees, the sodawater fountin, the lemonade springs where the blue-bird sings, on the Big Rock Candy Mountain”

Takes to a quiet corner to sob recalling memories of innocent times. :lou_facepalm_2:


Fantastic vocalist.


Saw my friends band play on the same bill as these folks a few months back, just popped up on my Spotify. Like their sound a lot


Loving this album.


Great track, love the album too.

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Oh ffs!

Ear worm back!



New album by BEAK, the other band with Geoff Barrow out of Portishead. And, it turns out, my mate Will, who joined them in 2016 and I had no idea.