🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


I was like that before it all went wrong.


This is the shit:


Bedtime for me - love you all!
night night





Involuntarily listening to Celine Dion. A neighbour has it incredibly loud.


Move out of the US of A @Intiniki


This again after being reminded when it was played on 6 music this morning…wonderful video…


Sorry about that. Was watching Titanic and it’s emotional






Iggy pop, thr greatest human :grin:


Heard this on the car radio earlier this evening. Forgot how good it is - with the sound turned up:



Fucking brilliant…shame about the rest of the album. I’m seeing Kurt soon, I just hope he decides to ditch any of his collaborations with Courtney other than this one.


Cracking tune @Fatso - again another one I haven’t heard for ages and forgot just how good it is.

I won’t highlight the continuity errors when comparing the intro music to the video…oops, I did. My bad :hugs:


Ive posted the tiny desk original of this loads of times…it’s only 15mins long and I’m close to saying it’s one of the most perfect pieces of music ever (you can search for it here or on youtube), but this is the audio only of one of the songs, but its great . The best bit is from 1.30…from there on till 2.40 everything that happens is godlike. If you don’t love this and groove along then there is quite literally something wrong with you


Good. Not perfect but good @fatso. I like it.


The English NWA/Ice T…a little silly but loved it as an impressionable boy