🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc



Really like this track. Pretty sure I saw them the other week supporting Thee Oh Sees. They sounded good.

Had a similar experience a few years ago. Saw Howling Bells playing a festival in Camden, and there was my mate Leon playing guitar with them. Managed to have a beer with them after, Juanita is lovely.


Not usually a fan of mash ups but:


Possibly the greatest studio recording?


Mate, the version on Sesame Street just keeps getting better the longer you keep enjoying it.


Brought to you with the letters F, U, N and K.


When he starts singing ‘Sesame Street’… that’s when all of life’s good things come together. That lad going mental on the balcony. Stevie in his incomparable pomp. What fucking joy is this?


OK right, songs where they’re so good that you can’t understand and you get almost outside your body with pleasure…


@dinger is on the spice again


I went to a restaurant with the lesbian I’m in love with, and we ate pig’s ears, pig’s intestines, chicken’s claws, and rice.


It sounds offal




This is why I keep you around. Jokes like this.

Not physically, obviously. You’re not allowed near me.

That’s enforced by God, the Eternal Judge.




I want this played at all my funerals.


Fucking bat shit crazy mental - love it



Cor, thanks for that @dinger - these were a fave in my student days.

How many funerals are you planning to have btw?


I plan to make a big deal of it.


You should make it a meal deal. Bottle of drink, packet of crisps, sandwich and the chance to piss on your grave. Book me in.