Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members


Look. I know Australia is a fucking long way away, and it’s quite possible that us poms are probably not the sort of clientele wanted in your establishment, but seeing as I was one of the first 100 (in fact, THE 100th) to join, I do think I deserve an introduction. Plus I will be back in “the old dart” later in the month and could do with a nice presidential level suite from which to conduct my activities upon my return.

oh, and could you please arrange for some decent weather. I have become quite accustomed to waking up to see a yellow ball in the sky and spending the rest of the day hunting out the shady areas (as in keeping out of the sun, not looking for the nearest brothel)



Fuck off attention seeker


There are no sons in the brothels unless you are at the chicken ranch or a ladyboy brothel TBH


We’ve had quite the week at Sotonians. This time last week, the membership stood at 162. At the time of writing, we’re up to 253. That’s 91 new people, if ye olde pap maths are correct.

Back in the early days, the arrival of a new member would have had bletch or Fowllyd scampering off to the nearest keyboard, ready to type a glowing and sometimes libellous introduction to our new charges. The feckless fuckers cried off doing that a long time ago.

I have zero expectation that they’ll take up this backlog of 91, so I thought I’d issue a proper welcome.

Welcome. Proper, like.

Many of you will know us from our time on SaintsWeb. I was turfed off the site over a year ago, and due to being an inveterate prideful dick, couldn’t bring myself to sign back up. Due to having an immense internet forum problem, I created this place the day after.

I’ll admit outright that in the early days, a lot of the membership was driven by _pity, _or failing that, the morbid curiosity of watching a man wallow in his own “sordid little griefhole”, the Linton Travel Tavern reconstructed online, complete with dismantled Corby trouser press and pay per view Bangkok Chick Boys (it’s confusing).

That said, what pity to attract. We managed to sign up most of the funniest posters from SaintsWeb, and keep them. We also go for beers, which according to some people, makes us weird fucking freaks. We reckon it’s a big reason behind the harmony of this place.

No one can be truly angry with Barry Sanchez after they’ve met him. You just get him :lou_lol:

The About Us page is still largely accurate, and is a good way to find your way around the history of the site. I’m one of the admins. bletch is the other admin for that reason. On the few but inevitable occasions that I’m a dick, bletch will be the one PMing me in the background sorting it all out. We have _no plan _for bletch going mad with power, tho’. It’s a worry :lou_lol:

It has been very nice to see a few old faces join up and a few new ones arrive and say how much they like how we do things. There are disagreements, but very rarely do people intend to destroy each other in the process.

So a big welcome to all new members, a big thanks to those who’ve made it such a welcoming place for newcomers, and special acknowledgement to Jack Schitt and his special friend for drawing so much attention to this little corner of the Internet.


Nice one Pap, good to find out where some of the more eccentric ex-members of SWF have been hanging out.


This is all getting a bit too nice & welcoming. When we got a new member on saintsweb, we used to treat them with good old-fashioned suspicion, distrust, and accusations of being Dune.

I reckon at least half of these new posters are Dune.


We are all Dune. We are all Dune. We are all Dune. We are all Dune.


I was intending to bemuse you with Partridge references, Bear, to prevent you from having this epiphany.

Does he no longer hold that power? Do you like Tim Vine now?


I am not obsession with I’m Alan Partridge tbh it’s knowing me knowing you that i love!


The Russians get everywhere. Fucking oddballs.



Sod all these newbies. We need to get some of the old band back together.

Otterry Ohio & Lou to name but 6 personalities.


Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

Sod all these newbies. We need to get some of the old band back together.

Otterry Ohio & Lou to name but 6 personalities.

And Halo.

I miss Halo.

Glad Tokyo hyphen Saint isn’t here anymore, though.

He was a ****.


You should invite people back more often, Ottery has posted


Pap, Pap, Bletch’s power is going to his head, don’t worry though he’s got nothing to keep it in so it’ll evaporate soon.


Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

Sod all these newbies. We need to get some of the old band back together.

Otterry Ohio & Lou to name but 6 personalities.

Dear old Phil of the desert… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: always been here close by :wink: still on the medication but rearing to go again :lou_lol:


‘‘we’re duned’’


I am Dune. And so is ‘my friend’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great to see such excellent growth for the site. Very encouraging. Great to have you all with us. :lou_sunglasses:


Greetings from North Yorkshire & thanks for the welcome pap


Constant vigilance posters… meanwhile Pap sits in Papcentral, ploting …

…’‘just think, if I charged them all …£5…’’